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  by Jan Saunders Maresh and For Dummies
Nothing can be more intimidating than trying to figure out what all the hieroglyphics are on the various parts of a pattern. Don't have a pattern panic attack! Take a look at each of the standard pattern parts one at a time, and you'll be shopping for patterns like a pro in no time.
30 Jun 14, updated 13 May 16
machine, dummies, craft, hobbies, sewing and 3 more ...
  by Ricky Ho
Patterns for Predictive Analytics
28 Oct 15, updated 12 May 16
1 Page
Brief overview of some, common and not so common behavioural design patterns.
2 Feb 15, updated 11 May 16
design, java, software, observer, patterns and 3 more ...
  by Jan Saunders Maresh and For Dummies
A duvet is a fluffy comforter that's slipped into a duvet cover. You can make this quick duvet cover out of bedsheets, so your duvet will be as easy to care for as the sheets on your bed.
30 Jun 14, updated 13 May 16
pattern, machine, dummies, craft, sewing and 4 more ...

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