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7 Kitchen Cheat Sheets

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7 Cheat Sheets tagged with Kitchen

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2 Pages
All the small things I forget when in the kitchen.
22 Nov 11, updated 13 May 16
veg, vegetable, fish, sugar, eggs and 42 more ...
1 Page
Breakdowns and Conversions
29 Oct 11, updated 13 May 16
maths, length, foot, feet, furlong and 69 more ...
1 Page
What should be in your DIY Toolset, and some of the equipment required for various tasks.
20 Feb 14, updated 12 May 16
kitchen, toolbox, home, building, tools and 7 more ...
3 Pages
This cheat sheet are for people who are beginning to learn about cooking and food preparation. This cheat sheet will give you tips to help keep themselves and others safe in the kitchen. P.S the columns that are bolded are very important.
10 Feb 23
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1 Page
A cheat sheet for identifying chillies, including their relative heat!
10 May 16
kitchen, cooking, chilli, chili, hot and 2 more ...
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For those of us living in dormitories, tiny apartments without stoves, or just for those who don't feel like cooking things in the oven, use this cheat sheet for converting regular old recipes into microwave recipes. Information is taken from eHow and Group Benefits, Inc.
12 May 16