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3 Pages
An improved HTML Character Entities cheat sheet that includes the character names where available.
14 Feb 15, updated 12 May 16
html, entities, chars, characters, iso8859-1 and 2 more ...
1 Page
Cheat Sheet for the Novel Unit Notes
9 Dec 16
stock, theme, character, literature, novel and 14 more ...
28 Pages
Most writers and RPG players need a basic character sheet to help build their characters. It will list the most basic characteristics and even the personality and the characteristics of a character. Despite this being a RPG Site this character Template will be useful for Writing Fanfiction and creating whole new stories depending on what you are writing about. It will also have some listings of how experienced that character is along with a place for 'mundane tricks' to be listed at. There more.
11 Nov 16
1 Page
Names of all special characters found on an English keyboard.
2 Dec 22
2 Pages
This cheat sheet serves as your compass through the vast landscape of writing, offering essential guidance for beginners eager to craft words into meaningful and impactful narratives. From understanding your audience to refining your unique voice, each nugget of advice is a stepping stone towards honing your skills and finding joy in the art of writing. So, let’s dive in and explore the foundations that will transform your writing endeavors from novice attempts to captivating creations.
26 Nov 23, updated 19 Mar 24
2 Pages
HTML Special Character Codes
31 Aug 12, updated 13 May 16
2 Pages

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