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VLAN, VTP, DTP, Etherchannel Cheat Sheet by


channe­l-group 1 mode desirable
Sets a interface into desirable mode
channe­l-group 1 mode auto
Set a interface into auto mode


switchport trunk native vlan <nu­mbe­r>
Sets the native VLAN
channe­l-group <nu­mbe­r> mode [active | passive ]
Sets port as active or passive.

VLAN Config­uration

vlan <nu­mbe­r>
Creates VLAN with the given number
name <na­me>
Assign a name to the created vlan
switchport mode [ access | trunk]
Sets an interface to access or trunk mode
switchport access vlan <nu­mbe­r>
Adds a vlan onto an interface

First Config­uration


VTP Config­uration

vtp domain <do­mai­n>
Sets VTP domain
vtp password <pa­ssw­ord>
Sets the password for the VTP
vtp mode [server | client | transp­arent]
Sets the device mode

Verifi­cation commands

show ip interface brief
Overview of all interfaces
show ip route
Show all routes
show vlan brief
Overview of all vlans and the ports in it
show interface trunk
Shows all trunks
tracert [ip]
Show if hops to an ip are correct
show vtp status
Verifi­cation for VTP
show etherc­hannel summary
Shows all etherc­annels
show interfaces trunk
Verify existing trunks


switchport mode dynamic desirable
Creates a dynamic trunk
switchport mode trunk
Creates a static trunk
switchport mode dynamic auto
Makes the interface able to convert the link to a trunk link
switchport nonego­tiate
Prevents the interface generating DTP frames

Second Config­uration

Third Config­uration



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