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Save Tweets To Remember Later Using Readwise Cheat Sheet by

Save tweets for later - as a way to remember quotes and other memorable tweets. Note: You'll need a Readwise account to use.

Save Tweets To Remember Later Using Readwise

Save a single tweet (via reply)
Reply to the tweet, with message, “@read­wiseio save” (without the quotes)
Save a single tweet (via DM) (not public)
DM the tweet to @readw­iseio.
Save a Tweet Thread (Tweet­storm) (via reply)
Reply (on any tweet in the thread) with the message, “@read­wiseio save thread” (without the quotes)
Save a Tweet Thread (Tweet­storm) (via DM) (not public)
DM any tweet in the thread to @readw­iseio with the word “thread” or “t” in the message.
For more details, see ReadRe­mem­
Note, you must have a Readwise account to use Readwise. See ReadRe­mem­ for a quick take on all its features (way more extensive than just saving tweets.


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