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Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Conditions Cheat Sheet by

A short cheat sheet of all the conditions listed in the Pathfinder 2E Core Rulebook

Pathfinder 2nd Edition


-2 Perception and Skill Checks, Unable to use Concen­trate actions unless targeting the object of fascin­ation, Condition ends if a creature uses a hostile action against you or your allies
All creatures and objects are Concealed from you.
-4 Percep­tion, Crit fail all visual Perception tests, All terrain is difficult, Immune to visual effects.
-2 Perception on init, Crit fail all auditory Perception tests, DC 5 test to perform actions with the auditory trait, Immune to auditory effects.


-2 to AC.
Flat-f­ooted, -2 to attack rolls, Only move actions you can take are Crawl and Stand, May Take Cover for +4 vs ranged attacks, Standing removes the condition.
-1 to AC and saving throws, You can remove the condition with a night's rest.
Clumsy 1, 10ft penalty to Speed.
Slowed (X)
Reduce your number of actions gained at the start of your turn by X.
Stunned (X)
Lose X actions at the start of your turn and then reduce X by the number of actions lost, Overrides Slowed.


Cannot use any action with the Move trait, Any external movement must roll vs Effect DC or Fortitude to move you.
Flat-f­ooted and Immobi­lized, Must roll flat check vs DC 5 to perform any manipulate action or the action is lost.
Flat-f­ooted and Immobi­lized, Cannot use any actions except Escape or Force Open your bonds, Overrides Grabbed.
Flat-f­ooted, Cannot act except to Recall Knowledge.
Turned into stone, Cannot act.


Frightened X
-X to all checks and DCs, Unless specified otherwise reduce by 1 at end of your turn.
Must spend each action fleeing target as expedi­ently as possible, Cannot Delay or Ready.
Flat-f­ooted, You don't treat anyone as an ally, Cannot Delay, Ready, or use Reactions, Must spend every action Striking or casting offensive cantrips (or facili­tating this, such as drawing a weapon or move in range), Targets are randomly determined by GM, DC 11 flat check when you take damage from an attack or spell to end condition.
Controller chooses all action for you, including attacks, reactions, and delays.

Lowered Abilities

Clumsy (X)
-X penalty to all Dexterity checks (including AC, Reflex, and Ranged attack rolls).
Drained (X)
-X penalty to all Consti­tution checks, Lose hitpoints and max hitpoints equal to X times level, Reduce by 1 and increase max hitpoints after a full night's rest.
Enfeebled (X)
-X penalty to all Strength checks (including melee attack and damage rolls).
Stupefied (X)
-X penalty to all Intell­igence, Wisdom, and Charisma checks (including Will saving throws, spell attack rolls, and spell DCs), DC 5+X flat check to cast a spell.
Sickened (X)
-X to all checks and DCs, Cannot willingly ingest anything, May spend an action retching rolling Fortitude vs effect DC to reduce Sickened value by 1 (2 on critical succcess).


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