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Paeds Hx taking Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Paediatric history taking

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


What are her worries?
What does she think?
Quote her verbatim
Understand her idiom
Ask her to define her terms
Start with "tell me about your baby"

Features of a history

Identi­fying data
Chief complaint
Birth History & Pre natal history
Sleeping patterns and positions
Feeding and elimin­ation history
Health history and family health
Older siblin­g/f­amily problems

Qs to ask

When does it occur?
How long has he had it?
Can you describe it?
What bring it on?
Does anything relieve it?
What makes it worse?
Pattern and period­icity?
Associated symptoms?
What does he do when he has it?
What have you done about it?
Clue words:
"­doesn't like bread/­bis­cui­ts" = gluten intole­rance
"He loves salt" - losing salt?
"He's hungry after being sick." = mechanical vomiting - pyloric stenosis, GORD

Mother's health

Infect­ions, diabetes, vomiting, bleeding, eclampsia, pre-ec­lam­psia, toxaemia, anaemia, excess weight gain, back pain
Accide­ntal/On purpose?

Birth details

Place of birth
Type of delivery
38-42 weeks is normal
Birth weight
Birth height
Head circum­ference

Additional questions

How long was the first/­second stage?
Home birth, hospital birth, midwife?
Vaginal, planned c-section, emergency?
Delivery? Position?
Childhood illnesses:
Coughs + colds, oral thrush, skin rashes, sticky eyes, ear problems, breathing diffic­ulties, bronch­iol­itis, asthma, consti­pation, diarrhoea, chickenpox

Nutrit­ional health

Introduced solids?
If regurg­itation = how frequent? What colour?


Less than 6 wet nappies per day
8 weeks, pneumo­coccal, rotavirus, MenB
12Weeks, 6 in 1 - rotavirus
16weeks, 6 in 1: pneumo­coccal, MenB
1 year: MMR, Hib/MenC, pneumo­coccal, MenB


6 weeks
3 months
Head Steady
7 months
Sits unaided
9 months
Standing unsupp­orted
11 months
12 months
2 or 3 recogn­isable words