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CAM in Paediatrics Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Complementary and alternative medicine in paeds Short + Sweet

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Common indica­tions

Back/neck Pain
Other MSK problems

CAM therapies

Children with pain
Biological based (most common)
Manipu­lative therapies and body based therapies (most common)
Manipu­lative therapies
Biological based therapies
Mind body therapies
Altern­ative medicine
Altern­ative medical systems
Mind - Body therapies
Most common CAM in Europe = Homeop­athy, Acupun­cture + Altern­ative medicine
Most common CAM in UK = Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy + Aromat­herapy

CAM decision Table

Chirop­ractic & Paeds

Chirop­ractic care is a parent based decision for their child
Referral Rates:
Shared care is the norm - GP, medical practi­tioners
>5 years - 5.6% refered from health care profes­sional to clinic
Majority attend because of MSK condit­ions, excessive crying + neurol­ogical conditions
<5 years 18.3 % referred from health prof to clinic
<2 months - 68% referred from health prof to clinic
Common age group seen in the clinic: 0-6 months old