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Introduction to Fleet Command for Incursions Cheat Sheet by

Intro to FCing


Greetings Pilot!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Fleet Commander for Incurs­ions. The following page will give a quick overview of what is needed to be a successful Incursion Fleet Commander as well as links to other more important inform­ation!

While Vanguards will be covered somewhat in this document, it will mainly focus on Assault fleets in Incurs­ions.

Termin­ology in Incursions

FC - Fleet Commander
LC - Logistics Commander
TTT - Tagger
AAA - Anchor - 130k EHP or more prefered
DDD - Drone Bunny
All of the above should be on EVERYONES watchlist
Logis - Short for Logistics
DPS - No more than 50km range on weapons
Sniper - 150km Target­/weapon range
T3's - Tech 3 or Teir 3 Cruiser ships
OGB - Off-Grid Booster
L - Logistics signifying ready
Scimi or Basi - Two types of Logistics Pilots
SSS - Super Squishy Make sure logis are aware
TL - Tracking link available from a Scimi
JJJ or J - Indicates Pilot is jammed
C+ or C- - Used by Basi to indicate cap transfers
WL - Waitlist

Tagging Orders

Part of being a good FC is knowing what needs to be destroyed first. Each type of Incursion has similar ships to destroy in them but varying amounts and ranges they spawn at.

Use the following to get familiar with the orders and ships:

General: FC Requir­ements

To begin with it is imperative that all Pilots wishing to become an official sanctioned FC for MUMBL Incursions have the following:

1. Access to a decent, working headset to use in Voice chat.
2. An acceptable ship to fly in Incurs­ions. (Only a DPS or Sniper ship found in the follow document: https:­//d­ocs.go­ogl­e.c­om/­doc­ume­nt/­pub­?id­=12­bVt­Uc9­-VO­QG2­phc­Xfk­cZ1­kd9­bta­Tow­8RO­dd3­avjfKI )
3. The approp­riate skill set to properly fly an Assault sized fleet. The absolutely necessary skills are:
-----a. Leadership 5
-----b. Wing Command 4
4. A general knowledge of acceptable ships and fits for Incurs­ions. As well as what MUMBL fleets require. Review this document to become familiar with them: https:­//d­ocs.go­ogl­e.c­om/­doc­ume­nt/­pub­?id­=1t­2uu­Pzk­sAm­dI9­Lew­S14­iYU­omu­O0G­mt_­S72­6q5­r0mgIg

Beyond this general inform­ation being in fleets and listening to current FC's will help anyone come closer to leading fleets themse­lves.

Off-Grid Boosters

Tengu - The tengu is the most desired OGB because the subsystems used in the Tengu give a boost to Siege Warfare links. Siege Warfare links increase a ships shield resist­ances, reduces the capacitor need and the cycle time of shield boosters and shield transp­orters.

Loki - The Loki is the second best OGB because the Loki gets bonuses to Skirmish Warfare links. Skirmish Warfare links boost the range of Webifiers signif­icantly and reduce the signature radius of ships.

All OGB's should have:

Siege: Active Shielding, Shield Effici­ency, Shield Harmon­izing

Skirmish: Interd­iction Maneuvers, Evasive Maneuvers

General: Fleet Compos­ition

All Incursion fleets consist of two things:
1. DPS to kill stuff
2. Logistics to keep the DPS alive.
The only thing that varies between the different Incursions is how many and what type.

Both types of fleets can have OGB's but it isn't necessary for Vanguards and is recomm­ended for Assaults.

For Vanguards you will have 10-11 pilots: 8 DPS ships and 2 or 3 Logistics. A fleet size of 10 will give the best payout available but will leave you short one Logistics pilot. If you are new to FCing Incursions or are not comfor­table with your fleet, it is strongly suggested that you run one heavy with 3 Logistics.

For Assaults the fleet compos­ition in a little more involving and will be explained below.

General: Assault Compos­ition

Unlike Vanguards, Assault fleets require more members and coordi­nation on the parts of all the Pilots involved. At first it can be difficult to manage and run larger fleets but becomes easy over time.

Assault fleets always need a OGB because of the number of pilots in fleet and the amount of incoming damage requires more tank, faster logis and quicker ships.
The two most common used OGB's and their differ­ences can be found to the left.

Including the OGB a standard Assault fleet size is 21 Pilots consisting of the following:
- 8 Snipers that can target and hit at 150km+
- 3 DPS that can hit no farther than 50km
- 4 Tech 3 or Tier 3 Cruiser ships
- 5 Logistics, 2 Scimitar and 3 Basilisk.
Logistics compos­ition in Assault fleets is very important and should be the biggest concern of any FC. Look here for Logistics inform­ation: http:/­/tw­mfc­­m/r­and­om/­lc-­che­at-­she­et.pdf


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