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Assault fleet: Site information and tagging Cheat Sheet by

Assault fleet: Site information and tagging

Termin­ology in Incursions

FC - Fleet Commander
LC - Logistics Commander
TTT - Tagger
AAA - Anchor - 130k EHP or more prefered
DDD - Drone Bunny
All of the above should be on EVERYONES watchlist
Logis - Short for Logistics
DPS - No more than 50km range on weapons
Sniper - 150km Target­/weapon range
T3's - Tech 3 or Teir 3 Cruiser ships
OGB - Off-Grid Booster
L - Logistics signifying ready
Scimi or Basi - Two types of Logistics Pilots
SSS - Super Squishy Make sure logis are aware
TL - Tracking link available from a Scimi
JJJ or J - Indicates Pilot is jammed
C+ or C- - Used by Basi to indicate cap transfers
WL - Waitlist

Fleet setup

At the beginning of every fleet it is the duty of the FC to make sure that there is a designated AAA, DDD, TTT and LC.

AAA - Should have at least 130k EHP and be either a Sniper or DPS
DDD - Should be a Loki with the web range subsystem
TTT - Can be the FC or someone the FC trusts to tag correctly
LC - One of the Logistics who knows what is needed of the other Logistics and can set up watchlists for fleet

All of these people should be on EVERYONE'S watch list

The DDD should not need tags and be aware of what needs to be destroyed first. The DDD orders will still be shown in this sheet.

The FC should designate someone to tag for the NCN Cruiser side. This should be one of the T3 DPS.

The FC should also confirm with the LC that all Logis understand their watchlists and are prepared for the fleet.

Off-Grid Boosters

Tengu - The tengu is the most desired OGB because the subsystems used in the Tengu give a boost to Siege Warfare links. Siege Warfare links increase a ships shield resist­ances, reduces the capacitor need and the cycle time of shield boosters and shield transp­orters.

Loki - The Loki is the second best OGB because the Loki gets bonuses to Skirmish Warfare links. Skirmish Warfare links boost the range of Webifiers signif­icantly and reduce the signature radius of ships.

All OGB's should have:

Siege: Active Shielding, Shield Effici­ency, Shield Harmon­izing

Skirmish: Interd­iction Maneuvers, Evasive Maneuvers

Immediate Threats

Some ships come on the field and immedi­ately need to be dealt with. In Vanguards it will be the entire fleets duty to kill said ships, in Assaults it will be up to the FC to assign the proper order for people.

Ships to always kill first in order of import­ance:

1. Narja - These need to be removed ASAP, they jam and can screw up a logis day, thus screwing the fleet.
2. Mara - These ships will scramble, which if the fleet has to make an emergence warp off would disrupt that.
3. Outuni - Makes a bad day for the fleet in general

Overwh­elmed Civilian Facility (OCF)

Overwh­elmed Civilian Facilities are the easiest of the three types of Assault Incurs­ions. There are sniper targets but are to be ignored. Snipers follow DPS targets.

In an OCF a Logistics pilot will be designated as the Civilian Picker. At the end of each wave a canister will drop with 15 Civilians in it that will need to be picked up. On the last wave a drop off can will appear and 40 Civilians need to be dropped into it for the site to end.

Niarja - Schmaeel - Tama - Renyn - Eystur

Tagging to be done by TTT:
Mara - Outuni - Auga - Deltolle - Romi

Nation Commander Stronghold (NCS)

Nation Commander Strong­hold's are the median difficulty in Assault Incurs­ions. There are Sniper and DPS targets as well as DDD targets.

There are 4 waves of NPCs, each different and variable. On the 4th wave there will be a special Named Commander spawn. This is the final target and once destroyed the site will end.

Niarja - Schmaeel - Tama - Renyn - Eystur

Tagging to be done by TTT:

Sniper (Tag as letters, ABCD)
Yulai Crus - Antem Neo

DPS (Tag as numbers, 1234 etc)
Arnon - Outuni - Auga -Intaki - Ostingele - Deltolle - Romi

Final Wave, full ship DPS on:
Slave 32152, Slave Heaven­bou­nd01, Citizen Astur, etc.

Nation Consol­idation Network (NCN)

Nation Consol­idation Network's are the most difficult sites to run in Assaults because it requires the fleet to split into two groups. For this reason most fleets try and ignore them.

Group one, Battle­ships, consists of all the Battle­ships and three Basilisks who take the left gate to begin with. (Solar Harves­ting)

Group two, Cruisers, consists of all the Tech 3 or Tier 3 Cruisers and two Scimitars who take the right gate to begin with. (Resid­ential)

Once the ships have entered their respective gates and started to engage the NPC's they have to begin to fly towards the end of the room to another gate. The gates will not be able to activate until the opposite side fleet destroys all the ships in their room.

There are four rooms total. Three of them the fleet is split and have to manage their own targets. Targets by side are:

Vylade - Intaki - Ostingele - Auga - Deltolle

Niarja - Mara - Auga - Tama - Romi

After the third room it is up to the FC to tell both the Battleship and Cruiser side when to take the final gate. Both sides will be together at this point:

Niarja - Schmaeel - Tama - Renyn - Eystur

Yulai Crus - Antem Neo

Arnon - Outuni - Mara - Auga - Deltolle - Romi - Intaki - Ostingele

NCN Logistics note

Logistics need to be both awake and careful in the final room of NCN's. The incoming DPS when focused on one ship can be overpo­wering sometimes and pilots should be ready to overheat their modules if necessary.

To avoid unnece­ssary aggro, Logistic pilots should try not to use more than two Shield transp­orters unless necessary, at least until the NPCs start to clear out.


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