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Git Commands Cheat Sheet by

List of frequently used git commands

Main Commands

git init
Create git repository here (decen­tra­lized)
git init --bare
Create bare git repository (centr­alized)
git clone repo
Clone repository at address repo
git clone -b branch repo
Clone branch from repository


git status
List changes
git status --short --branch
List changes (compact)
git log
Display commit history
git log --oneline --decorate --graph --all
Display visual commit history
git config --global core.a­utocrlf true
Ignore OS-spe­cific line endings


git add
Add (or stage changes) for next commit
git rm --cached
Remove from git tracking
git checkout --
Discard all local changes to
git add -u
Stage all changes under tracking
git add -A
Stage all changes (new files and deletions included)
git update­-index --assu­me-­unc­hanged
Ignore changes to locally
git add --inte­ractive
Review and stage changes
git commit
Create a commit (snapshot)
git commit -m "­me­ssa­ge­"
Create a commit with message
git commit -a
Commit every change under tracking
git commit -ammend
Combine current and last commit (corre­ction)
git diff
Show all unstaged differ­ences
git diff --cached
Show all differ­ences including staged ones
git diff branc­h1..­bra­nch2
See differ­ences between branch1 and branch2
You can use commits instead of branch names. HEAD refers to current point in git.


git reset --soft commit
Stage all changes since commit (used for squashing)
git reset --hard
Discard all local changes and reset to last commit


git revert commit
Creates a new commit out of an old commit (turn back in history)
git clean -dfx
Delete all untracked files and directories
git clean -dfxn
Dry run - Show which files will be deleted
git gc --aggr­essive --prun­e=now
Reduce file size of repository by pruning
git checkout file
Discard local changes to file
bfg -delet­e-files file
BFG cleans sensitive data file

Remote Management

git remote add target repo
Add remote target at address repo
git remote -v
List all remotes
git remote set-url target repo
Changes the address of remote target
git push -f origin commi­tma­ster
Forces origi­n/m­aster branch to be moved to commit
git pull (--rebase) target branch
Push existing commit to targe­t/b­ranch
git push target branch
Push branch to targe­t/b­ranch
git push target branc­h1:­bra­nch2
Push local branch1 to targe­t/b­ranch2
git push -u target branch
Push and track targe­t/b­ranch. It sets upstream for default pull / push
git push target --delete branch
Deletes targe­t/b­ranch at remote
git fetch target
Update branch inform­ation of target remote
Note: repo might start with git@ or https. When it starts with git@ an SSH key is needed for pull/push operat­ions.

Branch management

git checkout target
Switch to target branch
git checkout -b feature
Create new branch from current commit
git checkout -b feature master
Create new branch feature from master branch
git branch -a
List all branches
git branch -r --merged master
List remote branches that are merged with master
git merge feature
Merge feature branch into current branch
git merge --no-ff feature -m "­me­ssa­ge­"
Merge feature with a commit (no fast-f­orward)
git branch -d feature
Delete feature branch (if already merged)
git branch -D feature
Force delete feature branch
git branch -f feature commit
Move branch head feature to commit
git for-ea­ch-ref --sort­=co­mmi­tte­rdate refs/h­eads/ --form­at=­'%(­HEAD) %(refn­ame­:short) - %(obje­ctn­ame­:short) - %(cont­ent­s:s­ubject) - %(auth­orname) (%(com­mit­ter­dat­e:r­ela­tiv­e))'
to print summary of each branch, last commit, and other info

Tag management

git tag -a v1.0.0 -m "­me­ssa­ge­"
Creates an annotated tag with message
git push target --tags
Push local tags to remote target
git tag -d v1.0.0
Delete local tag *v1.0.0­"
git push target :refs/­tag­s/­v1.0.0
Delete remote tag targe­t/v­1.0.0

Semantic Versioning

git describe --tags --dirty
Describe current commit using tags


git submodule update --init --recu­rsive .
Pull all submodules (linked reposi­tories)
git submodule status folder
Show the status of submodule under folder

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