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FPL API Endpoints Cheat Sheet by

All API endpoints from Fantasy Premier League website

Public (No login) requests

Main URL for all player IDs, team IDs, team strength, gameweek deadlines
Fixture of all the games
Fixture of game for specific GW
Live results of given GW, it should be numeric
General info about team TID, such as name, manager, kit colors, leagues joined
This season and previous season perfor­mance of given team TID
All transfers of given team TID
Squad picks of team TID for week GW. Both TID and GW should be numeric
Inform­ation about league with id LID, such as name and standings
Page P for leagues LID with more than 50 teams
Details of player EID, such as fixtures with FDR, current season details, and previous season summary
FPL Region List
List of best leagues
Capital words (GW, TID, EID, LID) should be replaced before the query. All of these values should be numeric.
Overall league id (LID) is 314 for 2020/2021 season.

Private (with login) requests

Details about your own team: your squad picks, current sell prices, chip status and transfers
List of transfers you have performed in current period
Inform­ation about your profile (Name, Team ID, etc...)
TID value should be your own team ID.


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