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Git-svn for Beginners Cheat Sheet by

The basic use cases for interacting with svn using git. (Based on )

Setting up a git svn working copy

Checkout standard repository
git svn clone -s svn-url local-dir
Reflect & track remote ignores
git svn show-i­gnore > .gitignore
Reflect remote ignores
git svn show-i­gnore >> .git/i­nfo­/ex­clude

Normal git workflow

Add file/stage changes (recur­sive)
git add file
Remove file
git rm [-r] file
Intera­ctively stage changes
git add -i
Revert unstaged changes
git checkout file
Revert staged changes
git reset HEAD file
Commit staged changes
git commit
Add and commit all changes
git commit -a

Working with branches

Create new branch
git branch new-branch [old-branch]
Move to a branch
git checkout branch
Create and move to new branch
git checkout -b new-branch [old-branch]
List local branches
git branch
List local and remote (svn) branches
git branch -a
Merging a branch to current branch
git merge other-­branch
Merge a branch as single commit
git merge --squash other-­branch

Updating from and committing to svn

Apply remote changes to local repo
git svn rebase
Commit changes back to Subversion
git svn dcommit


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