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Word Power Made Easy Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Word Power Made Easy

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


egoist, egotist, egocen­tric, egomaniac, gregarious
altruist, alter, altera­tion, alttruism, alternate, alterc­ation , alter ego
extrovert, introvert, ambivert, ambide­xtrous, dexterity
misant­hrobe, misogy­nist, misoga­mist, bigamy, polygamy, monogamy , polyandry

Medical specialist and disease

gyneco­logist, obstet­rician, pediat­rician, dermat­olo­gist, ophtha­lmo­logist, orthop­edist, psychi­atrist
ocular, moncle, binocu­lars, inoculate, optome­trist, opticians, opthalmic opticians
orthop­aedist, orthod­ontics, orthod­ontist, cardio­logist, cardio­gram, cardio­graph
neurol­ogist, neuralgia, neuritis, neurosis, neurotic, psychosis, psychotic
psychi­atry, geriat­rics, pediatrics
dentist, endodo­ntist, orthod­ontist, exodon­tist, period­ontist,
osteopath, osteop­athic, chirop­odist, chirop­ractor, chiromancy
psychic, psyche, psycho­som­atic, psycho­genic, psycho­nan­alyst
append­ectomy, mastec­tomy, hyster­ectomy, prosta­tectomy

talk habit roots

tacitu­niry, tacitness, reticence, loquacity, soliloquy
ventri­loq­uasim, colloq­uia­lism, circum­locuion

People Crazy

leonine, feline, canine, porcine, vulpine, ursine, lupine, equine
nostalgia, cacophony, euphony, phonog­raph, euphony,
euthan­asia, euphoria, eulogy, euphony

cuts and love

epitome, eccentric, dichot­omous, tome, anatomy
philan­thropy, philha­rmonic, philos­ophy, bibilo­phile,


omnipo­tent, omnisc­ient, omnipr­esent, omnibus
carnival, carnelian, carnal, carnage, reinca­rna­tion, incarnate


monoma­niac, dipsom­aniac, klepto­mania, pyroma­iacs, magalo­mania, nympho­mania, satyro­mania


cardio­graph, phonog­raph, telegraph, biography

Of time and place

anachr­onism, incong­ruous, chrono­log­ical, chrono­meter, synchr­onous


disparage, militate, equivo­cating, titillate, adulate
parity, disparity, disparate, equivo­cate,
equity, inequity, iniquity, equinox, nocturne, vocalist, equani­mity, equlibrist
condone, placate

Liars and Lying

notorious, consum­mate, incorr­igible, invete­rate. congen­ital, chronic, pathol­ogical, uncons­cio­nable
glib, egregious


titillate, compli­ment, adulation, proscribe, manusc­ript, typesc­ript, subscribe
postsc­ript, subscribe, obviate, trivial, trivia­lities,


martinet, sychop­hant, dilett­ante, virago, chauvi­nist, monoma­niac, iconoc­last, atheist, lecher, hypoch­ondriac
diapha­nous, tyro, virtuoso, patriotic, patrim­onial, homonym, homophone, synonym

common phenomena

penury, vicarious, ephemeral, euphemism. badinage, bovine, nostalgia, cacoph­onous, carniv­orous, clande­stine
parsim­onious, parsimony, destitute, affluent, opulence, ephemera


urbane, interurban bus, intraurban bus, exurbs, suburbs, rustic, rusticate

what goes on

to enervate, to castigate, self abnegate, to vegetate, to simulate, to intimate, to alleviate, to commis­erate, to vacillate
dissim­ulate, dissem­ble­,in­timate, alleviate, levity

Disease, suffering, feeling

pathol­ogical, sympat­hize, sympathy, antipathy, apathy, empathy, pathetic

Ageing and Old

senile, senescent, senior, senate
adoles­cent, conval­escent, obsole­scent

science and scientist

anthro­pol­ogist, astron­omer, geoligist, biologist, boranist, zoologist, entomo­logist, philol­ogist, semant­icist, sociol­ogist
cosmonaut, astronaut, nautical, aster, disaster, nomos, autono­mous, metronome, geometry, geography, autobi­ogr­aphy, zodiac, biopsy, autopsy


biblio­phile, anglop­hile, asocial, philander


obsequies, subseq­uent, sequel, sequence, querulous, superc­ilious, obstre­perous, impecu­nious, pecuniary, chival­rous, cavalcade, cavalier, cavalry, chivalry, chivalric, equine
imbibe, bib, cadave­rous, cadaver, decadent, dolour, doleful, condole

flatter your friends

convivial, indefa­tig­able, ingenuous, perspi­cac­ious, magnan­imous, versatile, stoical, scinti­lla­tin­g,u­rbane
vivacious, vivid, revive, vivise­ction, vivipa­rous, oviparous, vital, revita­lize, devitalize

Bad news

malign, malevo­lent, maledi­ction, malefi­cent, malign­ancy, malefa­ctor, maladroit
malicious, malice, malpra­ctice, malnut­rition, malcontent

Good News

bonus, benign, benignant, benedi­ction, benefa­ctress
benefa­ction, benefi­ciary, benevo­lent, bonafide, fidelity, volunteer, voluntary


placate, soothe, pacify, placatory, implac­able, placid, complacent
condone, donation

talk habits

taciturn. laconic, inarti­culate, garrulous, banal, verbose, voluble, cogent
vociferous , loquacious

French Life

bon vivant, gourmand, gourma­ndize, gourmet, gluttons

friends flatter

indefa­tig­able, ingenuos, naive, credulous, incred­ulous, credible, incred­ible, creed, credence, creden­tials


obsequ­ious, sequel, sequence, querulous, superc­ilious, obstre­perous, impecu­nious, chivalrous
cavalcade, cavalier, cavalry, chivalry, chivalric, equest­rian, equine, noxious, bibulous,
cadave­rous, decadent, dolorous
imbibe, bib,


Hypoch­ondria, hypode­rmic, hypoth­yroid, hypote­nsion, hypert­ension, hyperc­ritical person

About god

agnostic, atheist, prognosis, diagnosis
monoth­eism, polyth­eism, pantheism, theology

Brotheryly Relation ship

Frater­nize, frater­nity, sorority, uxorial, marital, rex, regslia


claust­rop­hobia, agorap­hobia, acrophobia