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Marketing Stategy & Plans

Line Extension
adding additional product to an existing produc­t/brand line
Category Extension
creating a new product line w/ the existing brand
Adv. of Brand Extensions
- improve brand image
- reduce risk perceived by customers if new product is a brand (they know)
- increase chances of gaining distri­bution & trial
- avoid costs of developing a new brand
- permits consumer variety seeking
- packaging & labeling effici­encies
Disadv. of Brand extensions
- many varieties confuse & frustrate consumers
- some retail resistance to too many skus
- cannib­ali­zation issues
- dilute brand image
Speed to Market
Importance of speed
- patent process
Options for a manager
product modification
maket modifi­cation
Marketing Plan
outlines the company's mktg goals, timing, & resources needed to achieve those goals.
Discusses current mktg position of the business
Sets that company on a specific path in mktg, align & aware employees of the plans
Typically once a yr

New Product Strategy: Business Model Canva

Creative Brief (includes)
1. job descri­ption
2. target audience
3. objectives
4. single minded propos­ition
5. sustan­tiation
6. key response
7. desired brand character
8. mandatory inclusions

Customer Journey map

Product Life Cycle

Campaign Management

Benefits of scheduling
use of optimum times
update announ­cements
Pros & Cons
Pros­:easy & convenient
Cons­:lose sponta­neity aspect
not part of the conver­sation
Social Listen­ing
brands listening to conver­sations taking place online & looking for opport­unities to partic­ipate & engage custom­ers­/pr­ospects
Steps in social listening
1. identify specific words & phrases
2. Identify key influe­ncers
Conver­sat­ional listening
Can be used for customer service, monitoring compet­itors
Influencer listening
1. follow & gain insight
2. create opport­unities
3. actively partic­ipate (create links)

Online Branding Strategy w/ Hootsuite

helps monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and WordPress profiles & more
Hootsuite Functions
Keyword streams | LinkedIn job search streams | Campaigns

Product Marketing Grid

The Customer Journey

Customer Journey
mapping the customer journey to create consis­tently positive end-to-end experi­ences for them
Concerns for the customer journey
amount of time needed to map all steps
Companies using CX | Kohls, JCPenny & AT&T
Steps for CX
1. Assemble
2. Share the Vision
3. Plan
4. Map
5. Validate
6. Improve
7. Aim high

Encour­aging Engagement

clicks | stay on | comments | shares | convos | performing intended action
uses of social media
- can be used to highlight employees
- create events

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