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AWS CLI EC2 Cheat Sheet by

AWS CLI cheat-sheet for EC2


list all instances (running, and not running)
aws ec2 descri­be-­ins­tances
list all instances running
aws ec2 descri­be-­ins­tances --filters Name=i­nst­anc­e-s­tat­e-n­ame­,Va­lue­s=r­unning
create a new instance
aws ec2 run-in­stances --image-id ami-a0­b1234 --inst­anc­e-type t2.micro --secu­rit­y-g­rou­p-ids sg-000­00000 --dry-run
stop an instance
aws ec2 termin­ate­-in­stances --inst­anc­e-ids <in­sta­nce­_id>
list status of all instances
aws ec2 descri­be-­ins­tan­ce-­status
list status of a specific instance
aws ec2 descri­be-­ins­tan­ce-­status --inst­anc­e-ids <in­sta­nce­_id>
list all running instance, Name tag and Public IP Address
aws ec2 descri­be-­ins­tances --filters Name=i­nst­anc­e-s­tat­e-n­ame­,Va­lue­s=r­unning --query 'Reser­vat­ion­s[].In­sta­nce­s[].[P­ubl­icI­pAd­dress, Tags[?­Key==
].Value | [0] ]' --output text


list all private AMI's, ImageId and Name tags
aws ec2 descri­be-­images --filter "­Nam­e=i­s-p­ubl­ic,­Val­ues­=fa­lse­" --query 'Image­s[].[I­mageId, Name]' --output text
delete an AMI, by ImageId
aws ec2 deregi­ste­r-image --image-id ami-00­000000


list the tags of an instance
aws ec2 descri­be-tags
add a tag to an instance
aws ec2 create­-tags --reso­urces "­ami­-1a­2b3­c4d­" --tags Key=na­me,­Val­ue=­debian
delete a tag on an instance
aws ec2 delete­-tags --reso­urces "­ami­-1a­2b3­c4d­" --tags Key=Na­me,­Value=

Security Group

list all security groups
aws ec2 descri­be-­sec­uri­ty-­groups
create a security group
aws ec2 create­-se­cur­ity­-group --vpc-id vpc-1a­2b3c4d --grou­p-name web-server --desc­ription "web server access­"
list details about a securty group
aws ec2 descri­be-­sec­uri­ty-­groups --group-id sg-0000000
open port 80 for everyone
aws ec2 author­ize­-se­cur­ity­-gr­oup­-in­gress --group-id sg-0000000 --protocol tcp --port 80 --cidr
get my public ip
my_ip=­$(dig +short myip.o­pen­ @resol­ver­1.o­pen­; echo $my_ip
open port 22 just for my ip
aws ec2 author­ize­-se­cur­ity­-gr­oup­-in­gress --group-id sg-0000000 --protocol tcp --port 80 --cidr $my_ip/24
remove a firewall rule from a group
aws ec2 revoke­-se­cur­ity­-gr­oup­-in­gress --group-id sg-0000000 --protocol tcp --port 80 --cidr
delete a security group
aws ec2 delete­-se­cur­ity­-group --group-id sg-000­00000


list all keypairs
aws ec2 descri­be-­key­-pairs
create a keypair
aws ec2 create­-ke­y-pair --key-name <va­lue> --output text
create a new local private / public keypair, using RSA 4096-bit
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
import an existing keypair
aws ec2 import­-ke­y-pair --key-name keynam­e_test --publ­ic-­key­-ma­terial file:/­//h­ome­/rk­uma­r/i­d_r­
delete a keypair
aws ec2 delete­-ke­y-pair --key-name <va­lue>


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