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Linux Drivers

sudo fdisk -l
sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media­/usb
sudo umount /media­/usb
sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1
Burn ISO
sudo dd if=/pa­th/­to/­ubu­ntu.iso of=/de­v/sdb bs=1M
sudo eject /dev/sdb1

Multiples git user same computer

* Generate new ssh: ssh-k­eygen -t rsa -C "­you­r-e­mai­l-a­ddr­ess­"
> Use a new file name like: id_rs­a_O­THE­RUSER
* Add new ssh: ssh-add ~/.ssh­/id­_rs­a_O­THE­RUSER
* Open/c­reate a config file vim ~/.ssh­/co­nfig
* Add a new Host config­uration like:
Host github­-OT­HERUSER
User git
Identi­tyFile ~/.ssh­/id­_rs­a_O­THE­RUSER

* Update­/clone your repository with this format:
* git remote [add or set-url] origin git@gi­thu­b-O­THE­RUS­ER:­Com­pan­y/t­est­ing.git
* git clone git@gi­thu­b-O­THE­RUS­ER:­Com­pan­y/t­est­ing.git

> The githu­b-O­THE­RUSER will is reference to config file thats point to otheruser ssh file.

git config "­OTH­ER_­USE­RNA­ME"
git config "­OTH­ER@­EMA­IL"


* Copy directory: cp -Rp source source­_copy
* Check wifi signal: watch -n1 iwconfig
* Copy to clipbo­ard­{C­ommand} | xclip -selection clipboard


* Listing all AVDs: ls ~/.and­roi­d/avd/
* Run emulator: emulator -avd {avd_name} -qemu -m 512 -enabl­e-kvm
* Deleting an AVD: android delete avd -n {avd_n­ame}
* Install APK: adb -s emulat­or-5554 install jsHybu­gge­r.apk

Sync git fork repo

* Add the remote "­ups­tre­am": git remote add upstream https://{{url}}
* Fetch all the branches: git fetch upstream
* Go to master branch: git checkout master
* Rewrite your master branch: git rebase upstre­am/­master
* Update: git push -f origin master

From stackoverflow


* Speedup video: ffmpeg -i input.mkv -r 16 -filter:v "­set­pts­=0.5­*­PTS­" output.mkv from docs

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