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Utils commands in windows cmd


Immediate scan of your system and will replace files as necessary.
Scan the next time you restart your system
Schedules a scan to be performed every time you restart your system
Scans several thousand basic Windows files, comparing them against the original versions that shipped with Windows
Require elevated privileges em cmd (admin)


Go ahead and fix those errors.
Forces chkdsk to locate bad sectors and recover inform­ation from them.
Repair file system errors, locate bad sectors, and recover readable inform­ation from those bad sectors


/creat­eimage <di­r>
New recovery image in the location specified, sets it as the active
/setcu­rrent <di­r>
Sets the active recovery image
Deregi­sters the current custom recovery image
Displays the path to the directory in which the current active
Create and configure a custom recovery image for Windows to use when you Refresh your PC


http add urlacl url=ht­tps­://­{IP­/Co­mpu­ter­nam­e}:­{port}/ user=E­veryone
Add to urlacl
http delete urlacl url=ht­tps­://­{IP­/Co­mpu­ter­nam­e}:­{port}/
Delete do urlacl
http show urlacl
Show urlacl
advfir­ewall firewall add rule name="IIS Express (non-S­SL)­" action­=allow protoc­ol=TCP dir=in localp­ort­={Port} profil­e=p­rivate remote­ip=­loc­als­ubnet
Add firewall port
É possível usar comandos no contexto interface IP do Netsh para configurar o protocolo TCP/IP (incluindo endere­Ã§os, gateways padrão, servidores DNS e servidores WINS) e para exibir inform­ações de config­ura­Ã§Ã£o e estatí­st­icas.


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