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Systems Development Life Cycle Cheat Sheet by

Systems Development Life Cycle

Core Process 1 - Pre project activities

Identify the problem and obtain approval. System vision document.

- ID the problem
- Quantify project approval factors
- Perform risk and feasib­ility analysis
- Review with client and obtain approval

System Vision doc
Problem descri­ption
System Capabi­lities
Business Benefits

Core Process 4 - Design activities

Design system components

- The enviro­nment
- App archit­ecture and software
- User interfaces
- System interfaces
- The database
- System controls and security

Core Process 2 - Plan and Monitor Activities

Plan and monitor the project

- Establish the project enviro­nment
- Schedule the work
- Staff and allocate resources
- Evaluate work processes
- Monitor progress and make correc­tions

Core Process 5: Implem­ent­ation activities

Build, test, and integrate system compon­ents.

- Program the software
- Unit test the software
- Identify and build test cases
- Integrate and test components

The process is iterative, cyclical.


Core Process 3 - Analysis Activities

Discover and understand details

- Gather detailed inform­ation
- Define requir­ements
- Prioritize requir­ements
- Develop user interface dialogs
- Evaluate requir­ements with users

Core process 6: Deployment activities

Complete system tests and deploy solution.

- Perform system and stress tests
- Perform user acceptance tests
- Convert existing data
- Build training materials and conduct training
- Configure and set up production enviro­nment
- Deploy the solution

Core Processes



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