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Visual Studio Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by

Visual Studio Shortcuts

Navigation Shortcuts [VS]

Alt + F7
Navigate in tools
Ctrl + ´ + o
Show open files in Solution Explorer
Ctrl + ç
Find file in Solution Explorer
Ctrl + ´ + s
Select active window in Solution Explorer
Ctrl + Alt + (Page Up/Pag­eDo­wn)
Navigate opened documents
Ctrl + Alt + (Arrow down)
Show context opened documents

General Shortcuts [VS]

Ctrl + Shift + A
Add new item
Ctrl + Shift + C
Add new class

Bookmarks Shortcuts [VS]

Ctrl + K, L
Clean Bookmarks
Ctrl + K, N
Next Bookmarks
Ctrl + K, P
Previous Bookmarks
Ctrl + K, H
Toogle Task shortcut
Ctrl + K, K
Toogle Bookmark

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