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Kazakh Cyrillic Alphabet Cheat Sheet by

Kazakh cyrillic alphabet and pronunciation

Kazakh Cyrillic Alphabet

А а
A a
as in father
Ә ә
Ä ä
as in apple
Б б
B b
as in bed
В в
V v
as in very
Г г
G g
as in got
Ғ ғ
Ğ ğ or GH gh
no English equiva­lent, backli­ngual glottal consonant
Д д
D d
as in day
Е е
E e
in Kazakh e is pronounced as if there is [y] before it, as in English yes
Ё ё
YO yo
as in yawn, only in Russian words
Ж ж
J j or ZH zh
as in measure
З з
Z z
as in zone
И и
Ï ï
sounds like ee in indeed
Й й
Y y
(only used in combin­ation with a vowel, as in ray
К к
K k
as in kind
Қ қ
Q q
lingual glottal fricative sound
Л л
L l
can be hard as in element, and soft as in limo
М м
M m
as in main
Н н
N n
as in pen
Ң ң
Ñ ñ or NG ng
as in English swimming
О о
O o
as in hot
Ө ө
Ö ö
as in early
П п
P p
as in park
Р р
R r
Spanish rolling r as in Raul
С с
S s
as in miss
Т т
T t
as in ten
У у
W w
as in tool
Ұ ұ
U u
acoust­ically resembles u in full, and pull the back part of the tongue more backwards
Ү ү
Ü ü
while saying pool, try to raise the front part of the tongue as high as possible to the front, while mouth is half closed
Ф ф
F f
as in four
Х х
X x
as in khan. Do not confuse with English ‘x’
Һ һ
H h
as in hat
Ц ц
C c
as in its
Ч ч
Ç ç
as in check
Ш ш
Ş ş
as in passion
Щ щ
ŞŞ şş
as in she
Ъ ъ
hard sign
hard sign, in Russian words only
Ы ы
I ı
as in around
І і
İ i
as in till
Ь ь
soft sign
soft sign, in Russian words only
Э э
EE ee
as in English words end, n Russian words only
Ю ю
YU yu
as in yule
Я я
YA ya
as in yah
1st column: Kazakh Cyrillic alphabet
2nd column: English sound
3rd column: Pronun­ciation example


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