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Glossary. Week 4 Cheat Sheet by

This cheat sheet is for glossary of EAP for week 4.

Bloom's taxonomy

Intonation & Stress

Inotation - the patterns of rises and falls (pitch variation) across a stretch of speech such as a sentence

Stress can be defined as syllable prominence

Linguistic competence vs lingui­stics perfor­mance

Linguistic competence
Linguistic perfor­mance
Knowledge of words and grammar
How we use this knowledge in actual speech production and compre­hension

Reference list vs Biblio­graphy

Phonetics vs Phonology

It describes how physical expres­sions of human speech sounds are produced
It deals with the mental aspects of sound in a language.
Symbols are enclosed in square brackets
Symbols are enclosed in the slashed bracket

Critique vs Criticism

Is selfless (respects the author's goals, not what the critic wants)
Is selfish (advances critic's goals)
Is specific (e.g., your writing would be improved if you limited use of adverbs)
Is vague (e.g., I didn't really like your writing)
Focuses on the creation
Focuses on the creator
Comes from a position of expertise
Comes from a position of ignorance
Is constr­­uctive (offers improv­­em­ents, what TO do).
Is destru­­ctive (what NOT to do)

Pragma­lin­guistic & metaga­rmatic instru­ction



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