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Glossary. Week 2 Cheat Sheet by

This cheat sheet is for glossary of EAP


Teaching views

ELT diagram


Cross sectional study vs longit­udunal study

Lexical vs Gramma­tical morphemes

Lexical morphemes - words that have meaning by themselves (boy, food, door)
Gramma­­tical morphemes - words that function to specify the relati­­onship between one lexical morpheme and another (at, in, on, -ed, -s)

Synchronic lingui­stics vs Diachronic lingui­stics

Synchronic lingui­­stics is the study of language at a particular point in time.
Diachronic lingui­­stics is the study of the history or evolution of language.

Free morpheme vs Bound morpheme



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