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Tracktion Waveform Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by

Commonly used keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Tracktion's Waveform DAW

Welcome & Conven­tions

Welcome! This cheat sheet describes common mouse and keyboard shortcuts for Tracktion Waveform. Please note that these shortcuts are written for macOS, using the command (cmd) key where indicated. On a Windows system, you'd use your control (ctrl) key. I hope you find this guide useful. Feel free to provide feedback. Enjoy!
<>'s indicate some sort of key combin­ation is required. eg: <nu­mbe­r> = type any numbers
[ ]'s indicate something is optional
bold indicates a keyboard key
plus indicates holding a combin­ation of keys / mouse buttons / performing movements
pipe indicates OR. eg: a | b = press key a or key b

Keyboard Navigation

Move Cursor to Start of Song
Move Cursor to Start of Clip
Move Cursor to End of Clip or End of Song
Move Cursor to Next Marker
Move Cursor to Previous Marker
Set In/Out Markers to Selection
Set In-Marker
Set Out-Marker
shift + [
Move Cursor to In-Marker
shift + ]
Move Cursor to Out-Marker
<nu­mbe­r>, enter
Add a marker at the Cursor.
Again, move Cursor to specified marker

Transport & Master

Play / Stop
cmd + r
Toggle arm all inputs
Toggle Loop
Toggle Snap
Toggle Click
Toggle Punch
Toggle Scrolling
Toggle Automation Write
Toggle Automation Read


Toggle Browser
Toggle Mixer
Toggle Plugins
ctrl + p
Toggle MIDI Editor


cmd + a
Select all
Select none
alt + up arrow
Select item above selection
alt + down arrow
Select item below selection
alt + left arrow
Select item to the left of selection
alt + right arrow
Select item to the right of selection
alt + home
Select item at the top of selection
alt + end
Select item at the bottom of selection

Common Editing

delete | backspace
cmd + c
cmd + x
cmd + v
cmd + i
Paste + Insert
cmd + z
cmd + y

Editing Clips

Insert new MIDI Clip
Split Clip at Cursor
shift + left arrow
Nudge clips left
shift + right arrow
Nudge clips right
shift + up arrow
Nudge clips up
shift + down arrow
Nudge clips down
Mute clips
Move clips to Cursor
Move end of clips to Cursor
Auto-c­ros­sfade clips

Manipu­lating Tracks

Insert new track
shift + s
Solo tracks
shift + m
Mute tracks
shift + alt + m
Reset mutes/­solos
Toggle track height
shift + z
Set all tracks to default height
Toggle selected plugins

MIDI Editor (Tools & Views)

alt + cmd + 1
MIDI Selection Tool
alt + cmd + 2
MIDI Pencil Tool
alt + cmd + 3
MIDI Eraser Tool
alt + cmd + 4
MIDI Line Tool
alt + cmd + 5
MIDI Melody Paint Tool
alt + cmd + v
Show MIDI Velocities
alt + cmd + c
Show MIDI Contro­llers
alt + cmd + e
Toggle MIDI Note Echo
alt + cmd + s
Toggle MIDI Step Mode
alt + cmd + r
Insert Rest in Step Mode
alt + cmd + t
Toggle MIDI Toolbar

MIDI Editor (Note Editing)

With one or more notes select­ed...
cmd + o
Shift MIDI notes up one octave
shift + cmd + o
Shift MIDI notes down one octave
alt + cmd + right
Nudge note start right
alt + cmd + left
Nudge note start left
cmd + f
Fit notes on screen
cmd + 3
Create triad chord
cmd + 7
Create seventh chord
cmd + t
Invert chord up
shift + cmd + t
Invert chord down
cmd + m
Merge notes
cmd + /
Split notes
alt + v
Randomize velocity
shift + l
Legato notes
alt + cmd + m
Mute notes

Mouse Nav & Zoom (Timeline)

Position mouse directly above Cursor on Timeline (changes to cross-­arrow)
left-click [+ drag] anywhere in a track
left-click [+ drag horizo­ntally] in Timeline
Position Cursor
left-click + drag vertically
Zoom around Cursor
Position mouse away from Cursor on Timeline (changes to hand)
left-click + drag
Change Song Position
right-­click + drag horizo­ntally
Zoom around Cursor
alt + left-click [+ drag horizo­ntally]
Position Cursor
alt + left-click + drag vertically
Zoom around Cursor

Mouse Nav & Zoom (Track)

Position mouse within a track
left-click + drag
Position Cursor
shift + left-click + drag
Position Song
ctrl + left-click + drag
Zoom around Cursor
shift + alt + left-click + drag (repea­tedly)
Zoom in to selection area
shift + alt + left-click (repea­tedly)
Zoom out from area
ctrl + alt + left-click + drag
Set In/Out Markers
Zoom around mouse
shift + mousewheel
Position Song
ctrl + mousewheel
Resize tracks around mouse
Position mouse between tracks
left-click + drag
Resize track
shift + drag
Position Song
<shift | ctrl | cmd> + left-click + drag
Resize all tracks
Position mouse over a track's inputs or outputs
Scroll the track list
ctrl + mousewheel
Resize tracks around the mouse
Position mouse over an expanded MIDI Clip
Scroll the keyboard position
<shift | ctrl> + mousewheel
Resize the MIDI notes
alt + mousewheel
Zoom track around mouse

Editing Pitch

cmd + =
Pitch up 1 semitone
cmd + -
Pitch down 1 semitone
shift + cmd + =
Pitch up 1 octave
shift + cmd + -
Pitch down 1 octave

Custom Mappings

shift + enter
Move Cursor to Start of Song
Toggle between Controls Panel and Compact Toolbar
shift + r
Rename track
alt + cmd + r
Insert Rest in MIDI step entry
These are mappings I added manually. You'll need to do the same to use them.


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