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Ecology biology cheat sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a cheat sheet pertaining to ecology.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Why do we eat?

Biosyn­thesis Metabo­lism: Food can be used to build you (may be referenced as 'bricks')
Energy Metabo­lism: Food can be used to make usable energy which can be used to power/fuel chemical reactions and intera­ctions

What does Biosyn­thesis and Energy Metabolism do?

Energy Metabolism
- Goal to build organic molecules
-Goal is to make usable energy (ATP)
Autotrophs: CO2-> all organics they need, which make food for all other hetero­trophic organisms
-Can use chemical compounds inside their body for 1. (all organisms perform Glycosis
Primary Producers
-To release heat as a by-product
Hetero­trophs- Organi­cs-> produce the organics they need, and must eat other organisms that have eaten autotrophs
Photoa­uto­trophs- initial energy is from the sun
Chemot­rophs Energy in chemical bonds
Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose by enzymes

Types of Energy

Kinetic energy: Energy of movement (radiant, thermal, sound,­mec­hanical and electr­ical)
Potential energy: Stored energy (gravi­tat­ional, elastic, nuclear, chemical and thermal)
Field energy: electr­oma­gnetic (light) energy

Species Intera­ctions

Amensalism: (-/0) One organism is harmed while the other is unaffected
Commen­salism (+/0) One organism benefits while the other is unaffected
Mutualism (+/+) Facili­tation can be mutual­istic or commen­salism
Consum­er-­Res­ource (+/-) One organism eats another organism
Inters­pecific compet­ition (-/-) Both organisms competing over the same limiting resource
Resource Partit­ioning is the solution to this problem of inters­pecific compet­ition

Species Intera­ction

Dominant Species
Keystone Species
Ecosystem Engineer
Not abundant
Not Abundant
Hypoth­esi­s::Most compet­itive in exploiting resources
Many indiff­erent effects
Changes enviro­nment directly
Hypoth­esi­s:Most successful at avoiding predatios
Common that it's a predator
Impact through trophi­c/food intera­ctions
Ex: Kangaroo Rats
Ex: Bees & Hummin­gbirds
Ex: Trees & Beavers