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EFL - Phrases for Group Discussions Cheat Sheet by

Moderator - Respon­sib­ilities

make sure everyone partic­ipates
keep discussion on topic
ask speakers to explain their opinions
ask partic­ipants if they agree or disagree
take notes on the discussion
summarize the important points at the end

Moderator - Set the Topic

Today we are going to discuss...
Our topic for today's discussion is...
As you know, today we are talking about...

Moderator - Give a Speaker the Floor

Who would like to begin / go first / open the discussion?
Let's turn the floor over to [Name].
Let's hear from [Name].
[Name], what do you think?

Moderator - Ask for Comments

Does anyone have anything to say / add / contribute?
Who would like to make a comment?
Any further comments?
Comments, anyone?

Mod. - Ask for Questions

Who would like to ask a question?
Does anyone have a question?
Are there any questions?
Questions, anyone?

Mod. - Ask for Replies

Who would like to answer / respond to that question?
Does anyone have an answer / response?
Could I have someone respond to that question?
Any comments?

Mod. - Get Attention and Call to Order

Could I have your attention, please?
Would everyone stop talking for a moment?
Attention, please!
Listen up!
Let's not all talk at once.
Let's calm down.
Quiet down!

Moderator - Stay on Topic

We seem to have gotten off topic.
Perhaps we could get back to the main point.
Let's not get off topic.
Coming back to the topic...
After using one of these phrases, look at your notes and either:
restate the topic
ask the most recent question again
ask a new question related to the topic

Moderator - Summary & Conclusion

To summarize / recap...
In short /summary...
In conclu­sion...
Altogether / overall, we thought...

Partic­ipant - Respon­sib­ilities

speak loudly and clearly
take your time speaking; do not rush
take turns speaking; do not interrupt
listen carefully to other speakers; make eye-co­ntact and nod
ask other speakers questions (for clarification or more information)
let the moderator lead the discussion

Partic­ipant - Give Your Opinion

I think / feel / believe...
My opinion on [this topic] is that...
I am in favor of / support...
If you ask me, ...
In my opinion...
In my experi­ence, ...
The way I see it...
It seems to me that...

Partic­ipant - Respond: Other Opinions

I understand your position, (but ...)
That is a valid point, (but...)
I see your point, (but...)
As [you/Name] said / mentioned (earlier), [reword their opinion]. I agree / disagree because...
In regard to / Regarding [Name]'s comment about [reword their opinion], I think...

Partic­ipant - Agree

I agreewith you comple­tely.
I couldn't agree more.
That's a good point.
My thoughts exactly.
You're absolutely right.
Definitely / Absolutely / Exactly.

Partic­ipant - Disagree

I diagree with you comple­tely.
I have to disagree.
I can't say that I agree.
I beg to differ.
I'm not so sure about that.
I don't see it that way at all.
Not at all / No way / I don't think so.

Partic­ipant - Ask a Question

Asking for
Further Inform­ation
If I may ask...
I'd like to ask...
I was wonder­ing...
I have a question for [Name].
Could you tell us more about...
Asking for
I'm sorry, I don't unders­tand.
Could you please repeat that / speak up / slow down.
What do you mean?
What did you mean when you said [reword their statement]?

Partic­ipant - Respond: Topic/­Que­stion

If I may, I'd like to answer / respond / reply to the question / make a comment.
There's something I'd like to say in response.
Moderator: When a partic­ipant asks to speak, respond with:
Go ahead.
Please wait. [Someone else] wanted to speak next.


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