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EFL - Likes & Dislikes Cheat Sheet by


Change the bold words into any noun or gerund (-ing verb).


Are you interested in sports / music?
What do you think of rap music / the new Star Wars movie?
How do you like dancing / manga?
Do you have any hobbies?
How do you spend your freetime?
What do you do for fun?
What kind of things / music / TV shows are you into?

Likes ........ (Slang in the right column)

I love math / animals.
I'm addicted to pizza / Kpop.
I can't get enough (of) Disney movies / soccer.
I'm obsessed with Disney movies / soccer.
I'm a fan of trav­elling / going to parties.
I'm crazy about trav­eling / going to parties.
I'm fond of reading / walking in the rain.
Riding my bike is everything to me.
Chinese food really appeals to me.
I'm really into reading / walking in the rain.
Snow­boa­rding fascinates / interests me.
Doing school work is the best!
I enjoy sing­ing.
I like danc­ing.

Dislikes ........ (Slang in the right column)

I detest ciga­rettes / homewo­rk.
I'm sick of / tired of / sick and tired of ciga­rettes / homewo­rk.
I hate snakes / snow.
Snakes / snow make(s) me sick.
I can't stand trains / sports.
Romantic movies / Shakes­peare stink(s) / suck(s)!
Romantic movies / Shakes­peare annoy(s) me.
Trains / that actor get(s) on my nerves.
Reading / American food doesn't do it for me.
Reading / American food is awful.
Going to parties / karaoke isn't my cup of tea.
Parties / karaoke drive(s) me up a wall.
I dislike / don't like coffee / writing.
Parties / karaoke drive(s) me crazy.


I prefer runn­ing to stud­ying.
My first choice would be sleeping / reading / biking.
I'd take math over hist­ory anyday.
I'd rather / sooner go to the beach than (go to) the mounta­ins.
Note: This sentence uses verbs NOT noun­s/g­eru­nds.

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