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Bodyweight exercise routine Cheat Sheet by

An exercise routine you can do with your own bodyweight. The equipment needed is just a pull up bar (or any suspended horizontal bar, a tree limb even), some gymnastic rings (generally £15 to £40 depending on quality) and a wall.


Complete before beginning strength and skill work, aim to complete warm-up routine on rest days as well
Progressions are to increase difficulty by bringing bodyline closer to parrallel with the ground while mainta­ining good form
Dynamic stretches (10 reps each)
Bodyline Work (60s hold each)
Wrist Mobility Exercises
Band - Overhead Pull Downs
Back to Wall - Arm Overhead Extensions
Band - Chest Flies
Side Plank
Band - Dislocates
Reverse Plank
Shoulder Rolls
Full Body Circles
Hollow Hold
Scapular Shrugs
Leg Swings (Front and Side)
Arch Hold

Skill Work

Set timer and take rests as necessary until 5 minutes has passed. Aim to complete skill routine everyday
For support exercises switch between Ex 1 and 2 each time
Lvl 1 Wall Handstands
Ex 1 Horse Stance
Lvl 2 Free Handstands
Ex 2 Lvl 1 Ring Support Hold
Ex 2 Lvl 2 RTO Support Hold

Strength Work

Complete each exercise pair once a week, ideally giving a day or more rest between pairs
For each exercise progress up to 8 reps (or 30 seconds) with good form, rest and then repeat for the paired exercise
Rest 90 seconds in between each exercise and continue for 3 sets total
Pair 1
  Pull Ups
Lvl 2 Bar - Pull Up Negatives (Progr­ession: Rings)
Lvl 1 Leg Supported Dips (Progr­ession: Less weight on legs)
Lvl 2 Bar - Pull Ups (Progr­ession: Rings)
Lvl 2 Ring Dips
Lvl 3 L-Sit Pull Ups
Lvl 3 Rings Turned Out (RTO) Dips
Lvl 4 Bar - Pullovers (Progr­ession: L-Sit)
Pair 2
Lvl 1 Squats (Progr­ession: Deeper Reps)
Lvl 1 Leg Supported L-Sit
Lvl 2 Step Ups (Progr­ession: Deeper Reps)
Lvl 2 One Leg Supported L-Sit
Lvl 3-1 Renegade Pistols
Lvl 3 Tuck L-Sit
Lvl 3-2 Shrimps
Lvl 4 L-Sit
Pair 3
Lvl 1 Floor - Pushups (Progr­ession: Diamond Pushups)
Lvl 1 Leg Supported Rows
Lvl 2 Ring - Pushups (Progr­ession: Wider grip)
Lvl 2 Tuck Front Lever (Progr­ession: Up to 30s hold)
Lvl 3 RTO Pushups
Lvl 3 Ice Cream Makers
Lvl 4 Pseudo Planche Pushups
Lvl 4 Tuck Front Lever Row

Flexib­ility & Mobility

Complete static stretch routine after streng­th/­cardio work or after warmup if on rest day
Increase difficulty of stretches for each muscle group as you progress
Hold 10-20 seconds for each stretch, increasing the time if feeling partic­ularly tight


Regular cardio work should be included but is highly personal to your goals, abilities and availa­bility. Example cardio routine below:
Complete cardio routine once a week. Do both weekly exercises on weeks 1-3 (progr­essions are increasing reps within time limit)
Alternate between each monthly exercise on week 4 (progr­essions are increasing max distance)
Long Distance Running
Swimming - Lengths (Three style variations per session)
Long Distance Cycling


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