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Introduction to Psychology


It is the study of behavior, soul, and mental process.

Four Goals of Psychology

Describe - It means that we are looking to the phenomena that we are seeing.
Explain - Explaining what it means or what the phenomena means.
Predict - To know what happens next after seeing that phenomena.
Control - After seeing and knowing the phenomena, we will control the behavior.

Biological Perspe­ctive

Nervous System - Network of specia­lized cells that carry inform­ation.
Neuros­cience - Deals with structure and functions of neurons.
Neurons - Partic­ularly cells, receives and sends messages with systems.
Dendrites - It receives the messages from other neurons.
Soma - It is the cell body.
Axons- It carries the neutral message of the cells.
Glial Cells - It provide support from other cells, deliver nutrients to neurons, and produce myelin to coat axons.
Myelin - It is the fatty substance and clean up waste. Also it speed up the neural impulse.
Nerves - It travels together through the body.
Resting Potential - It is firing of neural impulse.
Action Potential - It is release of neural impulse.
Neuron Commun­ication - Sending messages to the cell.
Axon Terminals - It is the branch at the end of the Axon.
Sypnatic Knobs - It is round areas on the end of axon terminals.

Structure of Neuron



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