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var ga = new GlideAjax('CLASS_NAME_HERE');
ga.addParam('sysparm_name', 'FUNCTION_NAME_HERE');
ga.addParam('sysparm_PARAMNAME', 'PARAMATER_VALUE');

function callBackParse(response) {
	var answer = response.responseXML.documentElement.getAttribute('answer');

	//insert processing code for answer here

Inserts the client side ajax code


 * DESCRIPTION:   Supply a description of this script, function, procedure, class etc.
 *       NOTES:   None
 *                None
 *     UPDATES:
 *                01/05/16    John Doe    Original Version
 *                01/15/16    John Doe    Fixed screw-ups
Docume­ntation header for scripts


for (var i=0; i< myArray.length; i++) {


var gr = new GlideRecord('$0');
//Do something with the record returned
if (gr.category == 'software') {
   gs.log('Category is ' + gr.category);
'Get' Query Shortcut (used to get a single GlideR­ecord)


$0var caller = current.caller_id.getRefRecord(); //Returns the GlideRecord for the value populated in the 'caller_id' field = '';
'getRe­fRe­cord' Query Shortcut (used to get a single GlideR­ecord referenced in a reference field)


var gr = new GlideRecord("$0");
gr.addQuery("name", "value");
if ( {
GlideR­ecord Query with optional field parameter


var gr = new GlideRecord('$0');
var qc = gr.addQuery('field', 'value1');
qc.addOrCondition('field', 'value2');
while ( {
GlideR­ecord Query with optional field parameter and OR parameter


gs.log('VAR=' + $0, 'John Doe');


(function () {
Immedi­ate­ly-­Invoked Function Expres­sion, or IIFE


	* Description: 
	*  Parameters: 
	*     Returns: 
	$0methodName: function(paramOne, paramTwo) {

JavaScript class method template


//Code to insert in a Run Script step.
//The below sets the RITM short_description & description values with sample fields from the Catalog Item variables.
//You can copy from a catalog item form field or fill with your own description.
//"stdtask" syntax editor macro could follow in a CATTSK populating the short_description & description from the RITM values assigned here.
//REF: "stdtask" syntax editor macro.

//set the short description for the workflow
//current.short_description = current.short_description+' - '+current.variables.short_description; 
//current.short_description = current.variables.request_type.getDisplayValue()+' - '+current.short_description;  //get a form value example
current.description = current.variables.description;  //set the description equal to the short_description

//another example...
//set the short_description & description on the RITM
current.short_description =' - '+current.variables.db+' / '+current.variables.environment; 
//current.description = current.short_description;
'Run Script' code to initialize workflow variables


//Code to insert in a CATTSK
//The below sets the CATTSK due_date, short_description & description values.
//It copies the values from the RITM values which would work in concert with the UI Macro "strrun"
//"stdrun" would previously have populated the RITM from the Catalog Item variables.
//REF: "stdrun" syntax editor macro.

//set the task due date to the request item due date
task.due_date = current.due_date;

//set the short description to match the requested item
task.short_description = current.short_description;

//set the description to match the requested item description
task.description = current.description;
Script code to populate the CATTSK with RITM values


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