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lsof commands Cheat Sheet by

lsof commands

Show networking on a port

lsof -iTCP -i :port
lsof -i :22

Show connec­tions to a host

Find ports that are being listened to

lsof -i| grep LISTEN

find files open by user

lsof -u <us­er>

find files open by command

lsof -c <co­mma­nd>

find files open by proccess id

lsof -p <pi­d>


get list of processes in use by command
lsof -t -c <co­mma­nd>
kill processes open by command
kill -HUP $(lsof -t -c <co­mma­nd>)
kill processes open by user
kill -9 $(lsof -t -u <us­er>)


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