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NUnit example of setup, teardown, and testing


Code Example

using System;
using NUnit.Framework;

namespace NUnitPoc
    [TestFixture,Category("Optional Category Attribute"), Description("Optional Description")]
    public class NUnitPocTests
        // Code run once before all tests
        public void OneTimeInitialization()

        // Code that is run once after all tests
        public void OneTimeCleanup()

        // Code that is run once before each test
        public void Initialize()

        // Code that is run once after each test
        public void Cleanup()

        //Example Test
        public void ExampleTest()
            int expected = 1;

            int? actual = MethodToTest();

            Assert.IsTrue(expected == actual, "expected == actual");

            //Other example assets
            Assert.AreEqual(expected, actual);
            //Assert.Fail("Explicitly Fail");

        public void ParameterizedTest([Values(1, 2, 3)] int value)
            //Do some testing here

        private int MethodToTest()
            return 1;

        private void NotImplementedMethod()
            throw new NotImplementedException();


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