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  • I'm working as an IT jack of all things for a small company. I'm responsible for the companies servers, clients, thin clients and also for the webshops and webpages. I code responsive html5/css3 websites, a little jquery and PHP. In private I like to paint on canvas or create pictures on my computer, when I'm not riding my motorcycle
  • Cheatographer since 18 February, 2016.


  • 3 Cheat Sheets
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Cheat Sheets By The Exilant

4 Pages
Eine Übersicht über mögliche Eigenschaften und Werte.
15 Apr 16, updated 10 May 16
4 Pages
Erklärt die wichtigsten Attribute um Layouts mit dem Flex Box Modul zu erstellen
4 Mar 16, updated 10 May 16
2 Pages
Sublime Text 3 Tastaturshortcuts
18 Feb 16, updated 13 May 16
css, html, javascript, java, jquery and 5 more ...