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Into the Odd Rules Cheat Sheet by

This sheet is a reference guide for players if they need to check on the rules as they venture together Into the Odd.

Character Creation

Roll 3d6 for STR (stren­gth), DEX (dexte­rity), and CHA (charisma)
Roll 1d6 for starting HP (hit protec­tion)
Roll 1d20 for starting pennies
It is recomm­ended that you consult the Starter Package table in the ItO rulebook and forming the person­ality and backstory of your character around those items and features. If you have a specific idea in mind for a character feel free to voice your thoughts to the GM
For groups of 3 players or smaller players can create NPC companions to join their expedi­­tions. Roll their ability scores, give them 1 HP and a hand weapon
10 pennies = round of cheap drinks at a bad bar
100 pennies = 1 shilling
100 shillings = 1 guilder
1 guilder = good horse, wagon, valuable jewelery

(House rules for rolling STR, DEX, and WIS can include rolling 4d6 instead of 3 and dropping the lowest die for slightly more heroic charac­ters)


Saves, the most common rolls, are rolled to avoid danger in risky situat­ions. Roll 1d20 under or equal to the ability score the GM declares fitting. A 1 is always a success and a 20 is always failure.
Most risks that necess­itate a save bypass your HP in damage


STR Saves are for:
Fighting, fortitude, and toughness
DEX Saves are for:
Grace, athletics, subtlety, and reflexes
WIL Saves are for:
Confid­ence, mental sharpness, and charisma


Upon level advanc­ement, players gain 1d6 HP and roll 1d20 for their Ability Scores. If the d20 roll is higher than their current score, the score increases by 1.


Short Rest
Resting for a few minutes and hydrating recovers all lost HP
Full Rest
A week of downtime in a comfor­table location restores all Ability Scores
Someone deprived of a crucial need (food, water, warmth, shelter) cannot benefit from Rests
Items marked as Bulky require two hands or signif­icant storage. If you carry two Bulky items your HP is halved, and at three Bulky items it's at 0


When someone takes damage they lose that many HP. After that is all gone you are wounded and damage cuts into your STR score. Once that happens they must make a STR Save to avoid Critical Damage
Critical Damage
If you take critical damage you are so wounded you cannot take further action until tended to by a friend and taking a short rest afterw­ards. After an hour of being left untended you die
The End
If your STR Score is at 0, you are dead. If your DEX Score is at 0, you are paralyzed. If your WIL Score is at 0, you are catatonic
(House Rules: Paralyzed characters can recover after 1d6 months and catatonic characters can recover after 1d12+1 months.) Once your character dies, roll a new character or take control of an NPC. Player's choice.


Reactions: When encoun­tering another being, the characters making first contact must pas a WIL save in order to avoid an unfavo­rable first reaction from the newcom­er(s)
Turns: The player characters always go before the enemy in combat unless they are surprised, in which cast they must each make a DEX save in order to act before the enemy
Actions: The players can perform an action and move on their turn. The GM can determine whether the action requires a Save to be made. A common choice in battle is attacking...
Attacks: There is no rolling to hit, as attacks are simply dealing damage to your target. Roll the die dictated by your weapon and subtract from that the enemy's Armor score. That's the damage
Morale: NPCs will need to make a WIL save to avoid being routed when they lose half their numbers. In organized groups only the leader makes this save, and if not then each NPC rolls indivi­dually


Multiple Attackers
When more than one attacker target an indivi­dual, all attackers roll together and keep the highest number
Dual Wielding
When you use two weapons, one in each hand, roll twice and keep the higher number.
Weapons marked with Blast do damage to any targets within the approp­riate area, each rolling indivi­dually
Impaired/ Enhanced
Attacks that are hindered by cover or made while overbu­rdened roll d4 damage. Attacks that are against helpless targets or aided by a successful stunt roll d12 damage
Use an Arcanum
You can use an Arcanum's power as a normal Action. However, the artifact may ask for something in return
Fleeing to safety under pursuit requires a DEX save and somewhere to escape to
Whatever Actions you try and pull off that don't fall into the previous catego­ries. Whichever party taking the conseq­uences makes a Save


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