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Scaling VLANs + EtherChannel Cheat Sheet by


vlan number
generates a vlan with a certain number
name name
gives the vlan a name
show vlan brief
shows summary of vlans
switchport mode access
configures port as access
switchport mode trunk
configures port as trunk
switchport access vlan number
puts port into vlan
switchport trunk native vlan number
uses specific vlan as native vlan

Extended VLAN

vlan number
number has to be greater than 1005
vtp mode transp­arent
in order to use extended vlans

VTP Commands

vtp mode server
sets mode to server
vtp mode client
sets mode to client
vtp mode transp­arent
sets mode to transp­arent
vtp domain domain
sets vtp domain
vtp password password
sets password
show vtp status
shows vtp status


channe­l-group number mode desirable
adds a certain port to channel group - tries to create ehterc­hannel
channe­l-group number mode auto
adds a certain port to channel group - etherc­hannel only by request
show etherc­hannel summary
shows etherc­hannel summary
int port-c­hannel number
enters config mode for etherc­hannel

Link Aggreg­ation

channe­l-group number mode active
creates link aggrea­gation for certain ports
channe­l-group number mode passiv
creates link aggrea­gation for certain ports


switchport mode dynamic desirable
sets vtp mode
show interface trunk
to verify config

Interface Commands

int interface
enters config mode for this interface
int range interface - interface number*
enters config mode for several interfaces
no shut
up's port

Useful show commands

show ip interface brief
overview of all interfaces
show ip route
shows routes

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