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Keyboard Shortcuts Keys Cheat Sheet by

38 Keyboard shortcuts keys for Windows & Linux that you should know.

Ctrl Combin­ation

Ctrl + A
Select all.
Ctrl + C
Copy item.
Ctrl + E
Open search bar.
Ctrl + H
Open history tab.
Ctrl + N
Start another instance of a browser with the same web address.
Ctrl + O
Open selected item.
Ctrl + S
Save work.
Ctrl + T
Open new tab.
Ctrl + V
Paste item.
Ctrl + W
Close active tab.
Ctrl + X
Cut item.
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Tab
Move forward through the tabs.
Ctrl + F5
Hard refresh a web page.
Ctrl + Shift + N
Create new folder.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Move backward through the tabs.
Ctrl + Win-Key + Arrows
Left, right, up & down align an active window.
Ctrl + Mouse Click
Select or deselect clicked items.

Alt Combin­ation

Alt + Enter
View properties of selected items.
Alt + Tab
Move between open windows.
Alt + F4
Close open windows & Shut down computer.
Alt + F10
Maximise or Minimise an active window.

Shift Combin­ation

Shift + Delete
Delete permanent.
Shift + Prt Scrn
Let you select the part of a screen you want to print.
Shift + Tab
Move backward through options.

WinKey Combin­ation

Win-Key + D
Display the desktop.
Win-Key + E
Opens window­s(file) explore.
Win-Key + (e.g. 1)
Opens any program on the taskbar according to the number specified.

Single Keys

Cancel current task.
Display the end of the active window.
Rename selected item.
Refresh an active window.
Display the top of the active window.
Prt Scrn
Print screen.
Move forward through options
Display or hide start up menu.
Delete item.


Hi, I'm missing the sw spec - at which sw are these shortcuts aimed?

hint: shortcuts for windows you should know.
because it does only partialy work on linux and definitely not on mac (different keys and combinations]

Thanks for your comment I'll work on that but for Linux they should work only one key combination that doesn't work, I'm using Linux mint. And again thank you very much for pointing out that.

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