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Drupal Theme Pre-launch Cheat Sheet by

Everything you need to do before launching your Drupal theme. Useful for site builders who are creating public Web sites and themers who are selling their Drupal themes.

Theme Files

Logo.png (294px x 219px)
CSS, HTML and PHP complies with Drupal coding standards

Contents of the Theme README File

Config­uration inform­ation.
Base theme
Base theme toolkit (e.g. Fusion Accele­rator or Omega Tools)
Related modules for navigation
Related modules for layout
Related modules for styling
Designer credits
Themer credits
Project home page
Docume­ntation home page

Drupal Coding Standards


Page elements

main menu
page title
secondary menu
sidebar first
sidebar second
site name
utility menu

Commonly Used Blocks

recent comments
recent content
user login

Charac­ter­istics of a Responsive Site

Layout grid is flexible.
If layout grid is not flexible, the layout still adapts to screen size.
Media have a max-width (img, object, embed, video).
Forms have a max-width (form, input, textarea).
Media queries are used to target mobile, tablet and desktop layouts.
If no media queries are applied (typically for mobile), content is still access­ible.
Javascript polyfill has been applied to the site for older browser support.
Navigation is fat-finger friendly at smaller sizes.
Meta tags have been added to standarize the viewport and screen width sizes.
Headings adapt to different screen sizes (font family and size).
Site has been tested at various screen widths at http:/­/ma­ttk­ers­­m/r­esp­onsive/

Drupal Site Launch

Tester content and user accounts have been removed.
Permis­sions are correctly set for anonymous access to search and contact modules.
Pathauto has been configured for SEO-fr­iendly URLs.
Footer includes copyright notice (or CC-license as approp­riate).
404 error page is meaningful (or hilari­ous).


This is just a guess, but as somebody who is a niewbe to using CMS, I was asking myself a similar question: I want to use Drupal (or some other CMS) to maintain a site that until now has consisted mainly of static web pages. Visitors of the site do not and should not be able to log in nor should they see any log-in form. So the first thing I asked myself after I installed Drupal and browsed to the default generated site is: how to remove the login form so that site visitors do not see that one can log in to this site at all.What I really would like though is a way that totally disallows any log in for visitors from the WAN and only allows admin logins from our company-internal LAN.

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