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10 Fast Weight Loss Tips Cheat Sheet by

These Tips will help you focus on how fat loss works and get you to your weight loss goals. There is no reason why you can’t create great tasting meals with fresh, healthy foods, in particular fresh fruit and vegetables.

1. Food and Drink Journal

Firstly, it is very helpful to keep a journal of all the food and drink that you take. It is not necessary to keep a note of the calories you consume, just note what you have eaten and the quantity. Keeping a journal will help you keep on top of your diet, allowing you to create healthy meals for the week ahead.

4. Low Fat Protein Source

Add a good low fat protein source to most of your meals. The best sources of protein are fish, a breast of chicken, cottage cheese, beans, low fat yogurt etc. Other sources are eggs, red meat and nuts, but these should not be eaten every day.

7. Drink Much Water, Quit Alcohol

Try to drink up to 8 or 10 glasses of water per day and avoid fizzy soft drinks and alcohol. This includes ‘diet’ drinks, which will serve no other purpose than to give you cravings for sugar. Alcohol is full of ‘bad carboh­ydr­ates’ and has dead nutrients, which will just turn to fat. Some people find it difficult to drink 8 or 10 glasses of water, so it may help to add a lemon site to a glass of hot water, which can be quite refres­hing.

2. Reduce Fat Intake

It is imperative to reduce you pure fat intake by half to maintain fast weight loss. What this means is, if possible, cut out or halve the amount of butter or margarine on bread or potatoes etc. Sauces such as mayonnaise or salad sauce and even the oil you use in the frying pan (try using Olive oil) etc must be halved, cutting out all together would be even better.
It is important to reduce fat intake from your dairy products. If you drink milk, replace whatever you usually drink with skimmed milk. Eat sugar free, fat free lower fat cheese and yogurt.

5. Whole Grains

Have one meal per week based on whole grains, vegetables and beans, which does not include meat or cheese. This will increase fiber and reduce fat and improves the possib­ility of fast weight loss.
It is important to eat good quantities of whole grain foods when you can. This fiber makes you feel more full and helps with digestion.

9. No Fastfood

Do have snacks during the day, but only on healthy foods. For example you could try a grated carrot, and believe or not, it is more filling than a full carrot. Eat often, but control your portions. This helps create a fat burning metabolism and work great with an exercise plan.

3. Reduce "­Bad­" Carboh­ydrates

Reduce or eliminate sweet food stuffs which are high in sugar content. This means chocol­ates, desserts, cakes, biscuits and other 'bad' carboh­ydr­ates, etc. Many people feel one or two treats in a week may be fine, but the less sugar you take the more fat you can lose and lose perman­ently

6. Eat Fresh Fruits

Consume two or more portions of fresh fruit and preferably whatever fruit is right for the season. These portions can be taken as a desert of a mid-mo­rning or mid-af­ternoon meal.

8. Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are full of nutrients, so it’s important to have two portions of vegetables at least during meals. If this is not enough and you still feel hungry, then have more. Have as much vegetables as you like.

10. Plan Your Meals

It is wise to plan your meals a week or so in advance. This should start from the time you plan to good to the superm­arket or food mall. Make your list of the necessary foods required for your healthy easting week ahead, and stay with it.
To be realistic about your weight loss goals it is always best to seek advice. I suggest you check out the Brainfalls Magazine and discover How To Lose Weight Fast.


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