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Africnatural is a licensed hair care brand that products hair products that cater for all hair types and hair lengths. Our products help many achieve health hair journeys. In the two years of existence we have seen many reach their hair goals. our products are safe and locally manufactured with passion for hair health.

What differ­ent­iates us from other brands

-Paraben and sulphate free
-Free from mineral oils
- made from natural ingred­ients and naturally derived chemicals
- affordable which is rear for naturally based products
- cater for all hair types and lengths
-proved to give results

What hair products do we manufa­cture?

1. Moisture Restore Shampoo
2. No frizz condit­ioner
3. Moisture Defined leave in condit­ioner
4. Seal in Butter Cream
5. Rice growth oil
6. Carrot growth oil
7. Floral and herbal hair spray

OUR products help with the following issues:

1. Dandruff and itchy scalp
2. Hair breakage
3. Dry hair
4. stunt growth
5. receding hairline (bad hairline)
5. frizzy hair
6. split ends
7. weak hair and hair roots


We produce about 70-100 products per month depending on the demand. We are capable of producing 2000 products per year.


We currently don't have an importer. Our products are distri­buted through the below channels in Botswana:

1. Squaremart Food lovers market in CBD
2. Our own stall in Mainmall by Diamon­dsquare
3.The Local Store in Mahalapye
4. Distri­butor in Maun and Franci­stown

Product Storage

All our products can be stored at room temper­ature. The seal in butter cream is sensitive to direct sunshine or heat. The shelf life of our products ranges between 1-2 years.

Applic­ation Methods

Our rice oil and carrot oil is applied on the scalp then the scalp is messaged for 2-3 minutes to promote hair growth. The butter cream and leave in condit­ioner are not applied on the scalp but the hair length in order to moisturize the hair. The shampoo and Condit­ioner is applied on both the scalp and hair to cleanse the hair. the hair spray is applied on the scalp to revitalize and refresh the scalp. it is also applied on the hair to moisturize it.


Cell number- 72401999 (also for whatsapp)
Facebook- @afric­natural
Instagram- @afric­natural
Email: drdphi­n@g­mai­ or altern­atively africn­atu­ral­@gm­


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