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D2 Legendary Gear & Other Stuff Cheat Sheet by

Where to get Destiny 2 legendary gear and other stuff

Gear from Raids

- Midnight Coup
- Conspi­rator
- Inaugural Address
- Sins of the Past
- Mob Justice
- Ghost Primus
- Alone as a God
- It Stared Back
Leviathan, any chest
- I Am Alive
- Zenith of Your Kind
Eater of Worlds, any chest
- The Emperor's Envy
- Last of the Legion
Spire of Stars, any chest
*Age-Old Bond
Last Wish - Kalli
Last Wish - Shuro Chi
*Nation of Beasts
Last Wish - Morgeth
*Tyranny of Heaven
Last Wish - Vault
*Chat­tering Bone
Last Wish - Final chest
Wishmaker Shell
Last Wish - Kalli, Shuro Chi or Morgeth encounter
Cleansing Knife Sparrow
Last Wish - Morgeth
Ermine Tac-717 Ship
Last Wish - chest after Morgeth encounter (glitt­ering key required)
*Threat Level
Scourge of the Past, 1st encounter
*Tempered Dynamo
Scourge of the Past, Boss - 1st phase
- *No Feelings
- *Bell­owing Giant
Scourge of the Past, Final chest
*Bane of Sorrow
Crown of Sorrow - 1st chest
*Empe­ror's Courtesy
Crown of Sorrow - 2nd chest
*Calusea Noblesse
Crown of Sorrow - Boss, 1st phase
*Gahl­ran's Right Hand
Crown of Sorrow - Final chest
*Curated weapon, not a guaranteed drop but this is the most likely source for the specified item
Leviathan weapons are occasi­onally sold (on a weekly basis) by Werner 99-40 or Benedict 99-40. Buying from the bot requires tokens and a Leviathan completion for the current week.

Planetary Resources

Alkane Dust
Dusklight Shard
Etheric Spiral
Tangled Shore
Microp­hasic Datala­ttice
Phaseglass Needle
Simulation Seed
Helium Filament
Baryon Bough
Dreaming City
Planetary sources may also be acquired from Spider - costs glimmer or legendary shards. Items for sale by Spider changes daily.

Gear from Lost Sectors

*Dust Rock Blues
- Pathfi­nder's Crash (EDZ)
- Whispered Falls (EDZ)
- Cavern Souls (EDZ)
- Core Terminus (Mars)
Ether Doctor
- The Weep (EDZ)
- Skydock IV (EDZ)
Thin Line
- Widow's Walk (EDZ)
- Grove of Ulan-Tan (Io)
Wrong Side of Right
- The Pit (EDZ)
- Flooded Chasm (EDZ)
- Aphix Conduit (Io)
*Trac­kless Waste
- Shaft 13 (EDZ)
- Pariah's Refuge (Mercury)
Right Side of Wrong
- Ancient's Haunt (Nessus)
- Ma-adim Subterrane (Mars)
Scatte­rhorn Gauntl­ets­/Gr­asp­s/Wraps
- The Drain (EDZ)
Scatte­rhorn Plate/­Ves­t/Robe
- Excavation Site XII (EDZ)
- Methane Flush (Titan)
- Cargo Bay 3 (Titan)
- Sanctum of Bones (Io)
Scatte­rhorn Greave­s/S­tri­des­/Boots
- DS Quarters-2 (Titan)
- The Carrion Pit (Nessus)
Scatte­rhorn Mark/C­loa­k/Bond
- Terminus East (EDZ)
- The Rift (Nessus)
*Can be acquired from the Menagerie
Lost Sector Boss drops the weapon­/ar­mor.
Drops are RNG so you may get a different gear. Nevert­heless, these bosses give the highest chance of dropping the specified item

Gear from Dreaming City

*Twilight Oath
Shattered Throne, Blind Well T3+
Blind Well T3+
**Waking Vigil
Blind Well, Ascendant Challenge, Story Mission, etc
Retold Tale
Blind Well, Ascendant Challenge, Story Mission, etc
*Curated Weapon
**May also be acquired from the Menagerie

Gear from Nightfall Strikes

Braytech Osprey
Duty Bound
Horror's Least
Impact Velocity
Mindbe­nder's Ambition
Silicon Neuroma
Tilt Fuse
The Long Goodbye
The Militia's Birthright
Universal Wavefu­nction
Warden's Law
Worm God Incarn­ation
Link directs to the NF guide

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