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Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons Cheat Sheet by

Where/How to acquire

Ace of Spades - Hand Cannon (Kinet­ic/­Pri­mary)

1. Complete Forsaken's opening mission 'Last Call', then visit Banshee-44 in the Tower
2. Finish the Forsaken storyline
3. Return to Banshee-44
4. In Gambit, kill enemies or invaders with a Hand Cannon
5. Kill 250 enemies in Strikes with a Hand Cannon
6. Get 25 precision kills in Crucible matches with a Hand Cannon
7. Open Cayde's four caches in the Tangled Shore, EDZ, Io, and Nessus
8. Complete the mission 'Ace in the Hole' on Titan
9. Visit Banshee-44 to acquire the Ace of Spades
Catalyst drops from Strikes or Crucible matches. To complete the catalyst, you will need to get 500 kills (from any activity).

Bad Juju - Pulse Rifle (Kinet­ic/­Pri­mary)

1. Visit Werner 99-40 to gain access to the Tribute Hall. Costs 5,000 glimmer to unlock the chest
2. Go to the Tribute Hall and complete a bounty from Calus. Completing a bounty rewards you a discount and a flag. Planting a flag will open up the Tribute Hall.
3. At the center of the Hall is a glowing chest - this is the Bad Juju quest. You will need to complete 18 tributes to gain access.
4. To complete tributes, you will need to have at least 1 Calus-­themed gear (armor or weapon) from the Leviathan raid or Menagerie (more pieces give you more points towards comple­tion). You may also buy tributes from Calus but this will cost glimmer or bright dust or planetary materials.
5. Complete the 'Other Side' mission. When finished, go back to the Tribute Hall chest and interact to claim your Bad Juju.
To acquire the catalyst, place 45 tributes at the Tribute Hall

Chaperone - Slug Shotgun (Kinet­ic/­Spe­cial)

1. Visit Amanda Holliday after receiving the 'Holliday Family History' quest from any activity
2. Get 20 shotgun kills in Crucible
3. Get Arc, Solar, and Void kills in Crucible
4. Get 20 Guardian kills in Gambit
5. Return to Amanda Holliday to receive the Chaperone
Catalyst not available as of 01-Mar-20

Malfea­sance - Hand Cannon (Kinet­ic/­Pri­mary)

1. Summon Primevals in Gambit matches until you fight and beat an Ascendant Primeval Servitor
2. Speak to the Drifter in the Tower
3. Defeat 25 Taken yellow bar enemies
4. Complete 'The Corrupted' Strike (special version)
5. Deposit Motes and win matches in Gambit
6. Defeat 25 opposing Guardians in Gambit, and team wipe as an invader yourself or have an ally do it three times
7. Return to the Tower and speak to Drifter to claim your Malfea­sance
Catalyst not available as of 01-Mar-20.

Outbreak Perfected - Pulse Rifle (Kinet­ic/­Pri­mary)

1. Complete the Enemy of My Enemy world quest on Titan
2. Load up the 'Bad Neighbors' adventure on Titan. On the section where you encounter the Hive, you will face a Shrieker over a red-lit room. Enter the room and open the vault door on the left side. Go into the room and look for an 'inves­tig­ate­/in­teract' prompt on the right side
3. Find all 6 Fallen Transp­onder nodes:
4. Complete the 'Zero Hour' mission found in the Farm.
Jump section guide < https:­//g­fyc­at.c­om­/de­fen­siv­ewh­itegoat >.
Catalyst is acquired by completing the Heroic version of the Zero Hour mission. Each successful run gives 20% completion to the catalyst and can be done once per week.

Wish Ender - Bow (Kinet­ic/­Pri­mary)

1. Complete the Shattered Throne Dungeon
2. Complete the 'Secret Mission' in the Tangled Shore. This mission can be found at Four-h­orned Gulch - look for a question mark
3. Cleanse the Tokens. Head back to Shattered Throne, you will need to place orbs on statues and eliminate bosses. The locations:
- Token 1 (Querim) - The 1st orb is above the Tower of the Deep. Place the orb on the statue that has no orb on it (across another tower). Doing this will spawn a champion - eliminate the champion to charge the 1st token.
- Token 2 (Eriviks) - This token requires two orbs to cleanse - the first orb is located at the right side of the room where you first encounter the ogres along the beams. The location of the statue is at the far right of the room. The 2nd token is located in the Thrall room just on the right of the stairs when you enter. Carry the orb all to the end - when you jump down the statue is located to your right. The 2nd boss is located inside the large door across the chasm in front of you. Eliminate the enemies and the boss to cleanse the Eriviks token.
- Token 3 (Xavoth) - The 3rd token is at the Vorgeth encounter, do the Vorgeth encounter as normal and once his shield is down, look for a Taken Minotaur at the back of the room (it will be invisi­ble). Elimin­ating the Taken Minotaur will spawn the orb - place the orb at the lower left side of the room. When you place the orb it will spawn a 2nd boss Ogre - eliminate this 2nd ogre first before you kill Vorgeth.
4. After the Vorgeth encounter - claim the Wish Ender bow from the statue of Sjur.
Catalyst not available as of 03-Jun-20

Sleeper Simulant - Linear Fusion (Heavy­/Power)

1. Complete the main story in Warmind and subsequent missions Legacy Code and A Piece of the Past
2. Receive the IKELOS Hand Cannon as quest reward, then visit Ana Bray and pick up the Violent Intel quest item
3. Defeat Hive and Cabal with an IKELOS weapon equipped
4. Defeat yellow bar enemies with an IKELOS weapon equipped
5. Complete 5 Vanguard Strikes with an IKELOS weapon equipped
6. Complete 3 Escalation Protocol levels and find 15 Sleeper Nodes with an IKELOS weapon equipped
7. Complete the 'Will of the Thousands' mission with an IKELOS weapon equipped
Catalyst is acquired from any chest of the Spire of Stars prestige raid lair. To complete the catalyst, you will need to:
- get kills from each EP/seraph weapons = 1,000 sniper kills, 1,000 shotgun kills, and 2,000 smg kills.
- unlock the Oracle chest in the Heroic Whisper mission
- get 500 kills with the Sleeper Simulant

Whisper of the Worm (Heavy­/Power)

1. Wait for a public event in Io's Lost Oasis area
2. Kill a yellow bar Taken boss - it can spawn in three areas (up on a cave, in a little gulley, or at the bottom of the big tree)
3. Upon killing the Taken boss, a warp point appears on top of a hill, enter and complete 'The Whisper' within 20 minutes
Jumping guide - no shortcuts < https:­//v­ime­o.c­om/­309­663474 >.
Catalyst is acquired by completing the Heroic version of the Whisper quest. To complete the catalyst, do a successful run of the Heroic version (each completion gives 24% and can only be done once per week) and/or acquire the 6 secret chests in the mission - location < https:­//w­ww.y­ou­tub­e.c­om/­wat­ch?­v=d­xpp­yc-zqWQ >. Each chest gives 2% completion for the catalyst and can only be done once per week.


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