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AceJump and MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts by


Ctrl + ;
Open AceJump
Ctrl + Alt + ;
Target mode
Ctrl + Shift + ;
Line mode
Hold Shift while typing tag
Select all from cursor to destin­ation


Cmd + Click
Open sidebar item in a new tab or window
Cmd + 1/2/3/4
Switch finder view
Left/Right Arrow
In list view expand­/co­llapse folder
Rename selected file/f­older
Cmd + Arrow down
Open selected file or folder
Cmd + Arrow Up
Go to parent folder
Cmd + ]
Go forward
Cmd + [
Go back
Cmd + Alt + C
Copy file's pathname
Cmd + Drag
Move instead of copying
Cancel drag action
Ctrl + Alt + I
Show inspector
Cmd + Alt + S
Show/Hide Toolbar
Cmd + Alt + T
Show/Hide Toolbar and Sidebar
Quick Look of file
Cmd + F
Find files
Cmd + D
Duplicate selected file
Cmd + Alt + L
Open download folder


Use spotlight and hit Cmd + B
Do a web search

Startup, restart, shutdown and sleep

Cmd + Alt + Eject


Cmd + Brightness down (F1)
Turn display mirroring on/of

App Swticher

Cmd + Tab
Quickly switch between 2 apps

Managing windows and dialogs

Cmd + ~
Switch to next window
Cmd + Shift + ~
Switch to previous window
Cmd + Click on titleb­ar/­window name
See where file/f­older is located
Cmd + Click on titlebar and Drag
Move a window in the background without switching to it


Cmd + Alt + Click
Hide all other applic­ations
Cmd + Click
Reveal a Dock item's location in the finder
Ctrl + Shift (Hold)
Tempor­arily turn magnif­ication on/off
Cmd + M
Minimize current window to dock


Cmd + Shift + 3
Take picture of entire screen
Cmd + Shift + 4
Take picter of selected area
-- Above: Hold Spacebar
Move selected area
-- Above: Hold Shift
Change size only in one direction
-- Above: Hold Alt
Center­-based resizing
-- Above: Press spacebar -> Click on object
Take picture of specifing window­/object
-- All above: Hold Ctrl
Copy screenshot to clipboard


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