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Webstorm OS X Keyboard Shortcuts by


Ctrl + Space
Basic code completion
Alt + Enter
Show intention actions and quick-­fixes
Cmd + P
Parameter info (within method call arguments)
Alt + J
Quick docume­ntation lookup
Cmd + N
Create new file
Cmd + Alt + T
Surround with...
Cmd + J
Insert live template
Cmd + /
Commen­t/u­nco­mment with line comment
Cmd + Shift + /
Commen­t/u­nco­mment with block comment
Alt + Up
Select succes­sively increasing code blocks
Alt + Bottom
Decrease current selection to previous state
Cmd + Alt + L
Reformat code
Indent selected lines
Shift + Tab
Unindent selected lines
Cmd + D
Duplicate current line or selected block
Cmd + Backspace
Delete line at caret
Alt + Shift + Up
Move line up
Alt + Shift + Down
Move line down
Cmd+ / Cmd-
Expand­/co­llapse code block
Cmd + W
Close active editor tab
Cmd + F1
Show descri­ptions of error or warning at caret
Ctrl + Shift + J
Join lines
Cmd + Enter
Split line
Shift + Enter
Start new line


Ctrl + T
Refactor this
F5 / F6
Copy / Move
Shift + F6

VCS/Local history

Ctrl + V
VCS quick popup
Cmd + K
Commit project to VCS
Cmd + T
Update project from VCS
Shift + Cmd + K
Push project to VCS


Double Shift
Search everywhere
Shift + Cmd + A
Find action
Cmd + 0...Cmd+9
Open corres­ponding tool window


Cmd + Shift + ]
Go to next editor tab
Cmd + Shift + [
Go to previous editor tab
Shift + Cmd + O
Go to file
Cmd + Up
Jump to navigation bar
Cmd + Y
Open quick definition lookup
Cmd + E
Recent files popup
Cmd + B
Go to declar­ation
Cmd + O
Go to class
Cmd + Alt + Q
Go to symbol
Cmd + Alt + B
Go to implem­ent­ati­on(s)
Cmd + F12
File structure popup
Cmd + L
Go to line
Ctrl + M
Move caret to matching brace
- You can navigate in any webstorm's list just typing in it
- Alt + character let's you choose proper button in webstorm's UI.

Multiple carets and selections

Alt + Left click
Add or remove caret
Ctrl + Cmd + G
Select all occurr­ences
Ctrl + G
Select next occurrence
Ctrl + Shift + G
Unselect occurrence


Cmd + F / Cmd + R
Find / Replace
Cmd + G / Shift + Cmd + G
Find next/p­revious

Usage search

Alt + F7
Find usages
Cmd + F7
Find usages in file
Shift + Cmd + F7
Highlight usages in file
Alt + Cmd +F7
Show usages


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