Show Menu


Command (or Cmd) ⌘
Shift ⇧
Option (or Alt) ⌥
Caps Lock ⇪
Ctrl ⌃


⌘ - W
close the front window
⌥ - ⌘ - W
close all windows of the app
⌘ - M
hide to tray (Dock)
⌘ - H
Hide the windows of the front app
^ - ⌘ - Space
open app "­Cha­rac­ter­s"
^ - ⌘ - F
Use the app in full screen
⇧ - ⌘ - 5
take a screenshot
⇧ - ⌘ - 3
fast full screenshot
⇧ - ⌘ - 4
fast custom screenshot
⌘ - , (comma)
open settings of app


^ - ⌘- Q
Immedi­ately lock your screen

Finder (view)

show/hide the Preview panel
Show or hide the tab bar
Show or hide the Dock
Hide/show the path bar
Hide/show the Sidebar
⌘ - /
Hide/show the status bar
⌘ - J
Show View Options
Show/hide the tab bar when a single tab is open
Show/hide the toolbar when a single tab is open


Duplicate the selected files
Eject the selected disk or volume
Start a Spotlight search
Show the Get Info window for a selected file
Open the Computer window
Open the desktop folder
Open the Recents window, showing all of the files you viewed or changed recently
Open a Go to Folder window
Open the Home folder of the current macOS user account
Open iCloud Drive
Open the Network window
Open the Downloads folder
Create a new folder
Open the Documents folder
Open the AirDrop window
Add selected Finder item to the Dock
Open the Utilities folder
⌘ - N
open new window of Finder
⌘ - Y
Use Quick Look to preview the selected files
Make an alias of the selected item

Documents (Safari as well)

⌘ - Up Arrow
to the beginning of the document
⌘ - Down Arrow
to the end of the document
^ - A
Move to the beginning of the line or paragraph
^ - E
Move to the end of a line or paragraph
^ - P
Move up one line
^ - N
Move down one line
⌥ - ⌘ - F
Go to the search field
⌥ - ⌘ - I
Show or hide the inspector window


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