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SQLDev KB Shortcuts OS X Cheat Sheet by

shortcut keys for oracle sql developer, on a mac

SQL Worksheet

Execute Query
Control + Enter or fn*+ F9
Execute Script
Explain Plan
SQL Recall
cmd + Up/Down
Recall Recall Append
cmd + Shift + Up/Down
SQL History
Completion Insight
Ctrl + Spacebar
Toggle Comment
cmd + option + /
Toggle Case
Ctrl + '
Switch to Results
fn + cmd + down
Switch to Editor
fn + cmd + up
Open Unshared Worksheet
cmd + shift + N
ctrl + F12
All function keys on Mac might require keying the 'fn' button first. Otherwise, enable "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys" in your keyboard prefer­ences.

You can also go into the Prefer­ences and define the shortcut keys to any sequence, and export, import, and share these prefer­ences with other users.


Run buffer immedi­ately
Ctrl + R
Go to top of buffer
Ctrl + W
Go to bottom of buffer
Ctrl + S
Go to start of line
Ctrl + A
Go to end of line
Ctrl + E
Recall Previous SQL
Up or Down
File/SQL Completion
Clear Screen
Ctrl + L

Developed with OS X 10.11


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