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Bash command line shortcuts Cheat Sheet by

Bash command line shortcuts

Bash Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl + k
delete from cursor to the end of the command line
Ctrl + y
paste word or text that was cut using one of the deletion shortcuts
Ctrl + xx
move between start of command line and current cursor position
Alt + b
move backward one word
Alt + f
move forward one word
Alt + d
delete to end of word starting at cursor
Alt + c
capitalize to end of word starting at cursor
Alt + u
make uppercase from cursor to end of word

Bash Bang (!) Commands

run last command
run the most recent command that starts with ‘blah’ (e.g. !ls)
print out the command that !blah would run
the previous command except for the last word
Execute nth command in history
Last argument of last command
First argument of last command
Replace first occurance of abc with xyz in last command and execute it

Command Recall Shortcuts

Ctrl + g
escape from history searching mode
Alt + .
use the last word of the previous command

Bash Editing Shortcuts 2

Alt-Ctrl-] x
moves the cursor backwards to the previous occurance of x
Alt-] x
moves the cursor forward to the next occurance of x
swap character under cursor with the previous one
Alt + t
swap current word with previous
Alt + l
make lowercase from cursor to end of word


thanks, amazing sheet!

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