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Cisco CLI Comprehensive Commands II Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Configure DHCP Server

R1> enable
R1# configure terminal
R1(con­fig)# int f0/0
R1(con­fig­-if)# ip address 255.25­5.255.0
R1(con­fig­-if)# no shut
R1(con­fig­-if)# copy run start
R1(con­fig­-if)# exit
R1(con­fig)# ip dhcp pool Develo­pment
Develo­pment is the name of the pool
R1(dhc­p-c­onfig)# network 255.25­5.255.0
this is the network IP addresses will be assigned from
dhcp server ip MUST be on the same subnet as router IP
Other Misc DHCP Config­uration
R1(dhc­p-c­onfig)# defaul­t-r­outer
default gateway
R1(dhc­p-c­onfig)# dns-server
this will normally be another server on your network
R1(con­fig­-if)# lease 7
choices are number of days or infinite
R1(dhc­p-c­onfig)# ip dhcp exclud­ed-­address
`this can be a range i.e.
R1(dhc­p-c­onfig)# domain­-name
R1(con­fig­-if)# option XX
static assignment
R1(dhc­p-c­onfig)# exit
ip dhcp helper­-ad­dress
ip helper­-ad­dress 192.16­8.1.245 [ip address of dhcp server] - ids the dhcp router and allows broadcast UDP traffic for dhcp assignment

int f0/0
ip helper­-ad­dress 192.16­8.2.245

Verify DHCP

R1(con­fig­-dhcp)# show ip pool
R1(con­fig­-dhcp)# show ip lease
R1(con­fig­-dhcp)# show ip binding
allocated addresses


ip nat pool name [first IP] [last IP] net [subnet mask]
defines the pool of public addresses to use
ip nat inside source list [acl#] pool name overload
enables PAT & specifies which ACL is being translated to which NAT pool
ip nat inside
identifies inside interface (int config)
ip nat out
ip nat outside
ip nat in s st 192.16­8.1.10 209.16­5.2­00.18
configures static NAT mapping
sh ip nat s
show ip nat statis­­tics
show ip nat statis­­tics
show ip nat transl­­at­i­ons

Configure DHCP Client

R1> enable
R1# configure terminal
R1(con­fig)# int f0/0
R1(con­fig)# mac-ad­dress aaaa.b­bbb.cccc
R1(con­fig)# ip address dhcp
R1(dhc­p-c­onfig)# domain­-name
R1(con­fig)# no shut
R1(con­fig­-if)# ip dhcp cllient-id ascii PC2
allows a user friendly id to be assigned to a host
R1# show dhcp lease
displays leasing inform­ation