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Starfinder Ship Combat Cheat Sheet by

Cheat sheet for the roles in Starfinder combat

Combat Phases

1. Engine­ering Phase (Captain, Engineer)
2. Helm Phase (Captain, Pilot, Science Officer)
3. Gunnery Phase (Captain, Gunner)
The Science Officer can act before or after the pilot in the Helm Phase (2).

Captain Actions

Demand (Intim­idate)
Grant a +4 bonus to one specific check by succee­ding. You must use this action before the associated check is rolled, and you can grant this bonus to an individual character only once per combat. You cannot make demands of yourself
Encourage (Diplomacy DC 15 OR Same Skill at DC10)
Can encourage another member of the crew to give her a bonus to her action. This works like aid another (see page 133), granting a +2 bonus to the check required by a crew action.
Taunt (Push [Comms], Bluff or Intimi­date)
Select an enemy vessel and phase and roll Bluff or Intimidate; if succes­sful, each enemy character acting during the selected phase takes a –2 penalty to all checks for 1d4 rounds; the penalty increases to –4 if the enemy’s check is made as part of a push action. Cannot target the same enemy twice in combat.
Orders (Level 6, Push, 1RP)
Can grant an additional action to one member of the crew by spending 1 Resolve Point and succeeding at a related skill check at the above DC. Computers for science officer, Engine­ering for engineer, gunnery (see page 320) for gunner, and Piloting for pilot. Target gains another action if succes­sful, but cannot take the same action twice. You cannot give yourself orders
Moving Speech (Level 12, Diplomacy DC20 + 1.5xTi­er, 1RP)
Use your action to give a moving speech to the crew during one phase of combat. For the remainder of that phase, your allies can roll twice and take the better result when performing crew actions.
Captain DC's are all 15 + 1.5xSt­arship Ti­er unless otherwise noted

Engineer Actions

Divert (Engin­eering, DC10 + 1.5xTier)
Make engine­ering check to divert power. If engines, speed increases by 2 this round. If science, science officers get +2 to checks this round. If weapons, damage rolls of 1 become 2. If shields, restore an amount of Shield Points equal to 5% of the PCU rating of the starship’s power core (see page 296), up to the shields’ maximum value. Evenly distribute the restored Shield Points to all four quadrants (putting any excess Shield Points in the forward quadrant).
Hold it Together (Engin­eering, DC15 + 1.5xTier)
Select one system; that system is treated as if its critical damage condition were two steps less severe for the rest of the round (wrecked becomes glitching, and a malfun­cti­oning or glitching system functions as if it had taken no critical damage). This check isn’t modified by penalties from critical damage to the power core.
Patch (Engin­eering, DC Varies)
Patch a system to reduce the effects of a critical damage condition. The number of actions and the DC of the Engine­ering check required to patch a system depend on how badly the system is damaged. The number of actions required can be reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1 action) by increasing the DC by 5. Glitching: 1 action, DC 10 + 1.5xTier. Malfun­cti­oning: 2 actions, DC15 + 1.5xTier. Wrecked: 3 actions, DC20 + 1.5xTier
Overpower (6 ranks Engine­ering, Push, DC15 + 1.5xTier, 1RP)
If succes­sful, this functions as the divert action, but you can send extra power to any three systems listed in that action. This action and the divert action can’t be taken in the same round.
Quick Fix (12 ranks Engine­ering, DC20 + 1.5xTier, 1RP)
If succes­sful, remove the critical damage condition from one system for 1 hour (allowing it to function as if it had taken no critical damage), after which time it must be repaired as normal.

Science Officer Actions

Balance (Compu­ters, DC10 + 1.5xTier)
Can shift Shield Points (SP) from the shield in one quadrant another quadrant, including to depleted shields (after rebala­ncing, every shield must have at least 10% of the total current SP). Altern­ati­vely, you can add up the SP from all the remaining shields and evenly distribute them to all four quadrants, putting any excess SP in the forward quadrant.
Scan (Compu­ters, DC5 + 1.5xTa­rget's Tier + Counte­rme­asures)
If you succeed at this check, you learn the first unknown piece of inform­ation on the following list. For every 5 by which you exceed the check, you learn another unknown piece of inform­ation. Subsequent checks reveal new pieces of inform­ation, continuing down this list.
1. Basic Inform­ation: Living crew complement and ship classi­fic­ation, size, speed, and maneuv­era­bility.
2. Defenses: AC, TL, total and current Hull Points, total and current Shield Points in each quadrant, and core PCU value.
3. Weapon: Inform­ation about one weapon, including its firing arc and the damage it deals, starting with the weapon that uses the most PCU. Repeat this entry until all the starship’s weapons are revealed.
4. Load: Inform­ation about how the starship’s expansion bays are allocated and any cargo the starship might be carrying.
5. Other: Any remaining ship statis­tics.
Target System (Compu­ters, Push, DC5 + 1.5xTa­rget's Tier + Counte­rme­asures)
If you succeed, choose one system (core, engines, life support, sensors, or weapons). The next attack made by your starship that hits the enemy ship scores a critical hit on a natural roll of 19 or 20. If that attack deals critical damage, it affects the chosen system. For any further critical damage resulting from the attack, determine which system is affected randomly as normal. Your starship’s sensors can target only one system on a specific enemy starship at a time, though this action can be used to concur­rently target systems on multiple starships.
Lock On (Computers 6 ranks, Push, DC5 + 1.5xTa­rget's Tier + Counte­rme­asures, 1RP)
If you succeed, your starship’s gunners gain a +2 bonus to gunnery checks against the target for the rest of the round. This action can be taken only once per round.
Improve Counte­rme­asures (Computers 12 ranks, DC5 + 1.5xTa­rget's Tier + Counte­rme­asures, 1RP)
If you’re succes­sful, gunners aboard the target starship roll twice and take the worse result for gunnery checks during this round (including checks for tracking weapons).

Pilot Actions

No skill check, regular movement
Maneuver (DC15 + 1.5xTier)
Move up to speed, reduce distance between turns by 1 (minimum 0).
Stunt (DC Varies)
Back off (Piloting DC10 + 1.5xTier) Move half speed backwards without turns. If fail, move back 1 hex only. Fail by 5 or more, no movement and -4 to AC and TL.
Barrel Roll (Piloting DC10 +1.5xTier, Large max size) Move half speed and facings inverted 1 round. Fail, no roll. Fail by 5 or more, no roll, -4 AC and TL.
Evade (Piloting DC10 + 1.5xTier) Move speed, +2 AC and TL. Fail, no bonus. Fail by 5 or more, still move but -2 AC and TL.
Flip and Burn (Piloting DC15 + 1.5xTier) Move half speed and turn 180°. Fail, no rotation.
Flyby (Piloting DC15 + 1.5xTier) Move normal, can move through enemy w/o provoking. During gunnery phase, choose one arc of ship to fire at enemy and treat as close range. If fail, gunnery phase is normal and movement provokes.
Slide (Piloting DC10 + 1.5xTier) Move up to speed in forwar­d-port or forwar­d-s­tar­board direction w/o changing facing. Fail, move forward half speed w/o turns.
Turn in Place (No skill check) Ship can face any direction, If Clumsy, -4 AC and TL. If Poor, -2AC and TL.
Full Power (Piloting 6 ranks, Push, 1RP)
Move your starship up to 1-1/2 times its speed. Can make turns during this movement, but you add 2 to your starship’s distance between turns.
Audacious Gambit (Piloting 12 ranks, DC 20 + 1.5xTier, 1RP)
Move up to speed, treat turns distance as 2 lower (minimum 0), can move through enemies without provoking, and can face any direction at the end of the movement.

Gunner Actions

Fire at Will (Push)
You can fire any two starship weapons, regardless of their arc. Each attack is made at a –4 penalty.
Shoot (1d20+BAB OR Piloting ranks+­DEX­+Bo­nus­es+­Range Penalty)
You can fire one of your starship’s weapons. If you use a turret weapon, you can target a ship in any arc.
Broadside (Level 6, Push, 1RP)
Fire all of the starship weapons mounted in one arc (including turret­-mo­unted weapons). Each weapon can target any vessel in that arc. All of these attacks are made with a –2 penalty.
Precise Targeting (Level 12, 1RP)
Fire one weapon at one target. If it hits and enemy shield are depleted in that quadrant, you deal critical damage to a random system. If the attack would normally cause critical damage, the normal critical damage applies as well (meaning your attack could potent­ially deal critical damage multiple times; determine which system is damaged as normal each time).


Most of these DCs are incorrect. Paizo has listed the correct values on their website here

Upon original publication of the sheet, the values were correct. I will update them when I have a chance to do so.

Thank you.

Hello, I translated this cheat sheet (with some differences). I credited you at the beginning. Tell me if it's not ok for you,

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