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Blog :: 5 Ways Cheatography Benefits Your Business

Cheatography Cheat Sheets are a great timesaver for individuals - coders, gardeners, musicians, everybody! But businesses can benefit from them as well - read on to find out more.

In our businesses, I think we'd all agree that our productivity goes up the more we can encourage and increase collaboration across our teams.

With so many how-to's out there describing ways increase collaboration, you'll be shocked by how you can easily improve your teams by simply building upon tools they already have.

Cheatography thrives on the notion of collaboration. While I'm just going to address the top 5 ways our cheat sheets can benefit your organization's productivity, there are countless more!

1. Collaboration

Without question the number one goal for you team should be to maximize collaboration across your organization. The next great idea for your company may be just an input away from someone else within your team! Each member of your organization has ideas about how to work through their normal processes, and likely has a cheat sheet for their process near their work area. Why does it need to reside just with them? Who says they got it 100% right or the best approach. By bringing all these great ideas into a common area, your teams can enhance EACH process resulting in far better, and common, practices for your team.

2. Efficiency

You don't need an MBA from an Ivy League school to know the effect efficiency has on your organization. The speed of competition, the rapidly changing environment, and the shortened turnaround time expectations of today's customers dictate a need to maximize your team's efficiency. Time wasted redoing efforts and understanding processes already solved within your team is wasted effort. Bringing all the cheat sheets out from the individuals and making them available throughout your team significantly reduces learning time and replication of effort.

3. Standardization

As the size of your team grows, so does the likelihood of the flock straying from standard practices. You don't want to squash innovation and force everyone to blindly follow practices that could be improved, but you do want your teams to function in a standard manner. Bringing all the processes out into cheat sheets will allow your teams to not only function in a similar fashion for every process, but also increase their opportunities to identify improvements. Once accepted, updated cheat sheets are lightning fast and will allow the entire team to move forward on the improved path at once!

4. Managerial Insight

As a manager, you are always searching for opportunities to gain insight into the team at the individual level. The larger the team, the more difficult it is for you to break out your top performers. By bringing your processes into a standardized, single repository like Cheatography, you'll be able to see which members are creating the sheets, which are using them, and which are actively suggesting and making improvements. Being able to gauge which members are taking ownership of the process and working to improve the organization is an important factor for any manager to know.

5. Branding

Cheatography is an online repository that is open for all. You aren't going to keep the recipe for making your secret sauce here, but you can keep all your helpful hints and potentially free products for download here for your customers and the world. You can create a standard format for all your products that aligns with your logo, brand, and message. Business can't have enough opportunities, especially free ones, to brand their name and share these products with the world. Cheatography is a free way to meet this goal while also giving your future clients insight into how your organization goes about your business of meeting their needs.

Several decades ago, before our world became so interconnected, holding onto your secrets was a well-recognized practice. Organizations clung to their methods and closely guarded these efforts to keep their edge. Today, though, the notion of isolation has led to the death of many organizations. Transparency, collaboration, and the idea-feeding frenzy that comes from peer-to-peer interaction, regardless of organizational affiliation, are well recognized strengthening elements of thriving organizations today. Scott Belsky, founder of Behance and author of "Making Ideas Happen" said it best in his book when he plainly stated, "Most ideas are born and lost in isolation." Don’t fall into that trap, let Cheatography help, where the only thing we cheat is your wasted time!

Did we miss a benefit to discuss? If so, please leave it in the comment section so all can be aware and discuss!

5 Ways Cheatography Benefits Your Business was posted on 10th June, 2016.
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